Sai Baba, Kubla Khan, Citizen Kane, Bill Gates et alia


Article:  Ju 18th, 2007 by Barry Pittard

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For more lavish pics of Sai Baba's Imperial splendour, scroll down this article, which asks:  Are we seeing the rise or decline of the Showman Empire"?


"Citizen Kane in Florida, like William Randolph Hearst at San Simeon in California, was absolute King of his castle. But there is a virtual Emperor in India. Sathya Sai Baba. Even Randolph Hearst (as perhaps a modern day media buccaneer Rupert Murdoch) might have blushed for shame to hold such sway with the big end of town as Sai Baba has long done with India’s power brokers, irrespective of what political party is in power. Sai Baba, who long ago learnt not to blush, is arguably India’s and history’s most famous - and infamous - guru. So too - well may these other extravagant castle owners blanch at being so dwarfed by this far more than Kubla Khan who Lords it over the, in many ways, tragically poor India. How the stupendous splurger Sai Baba can ever say the name of Mahatma Gandhi, modern India’s wonderfully humble ‘father’, without blushing is one of his greatest miracles".

"There is government inaction on powerful cults. A vital question will be whether politicians in democratic countries will be capable of distinguishing between the issue of freedom of religion and the issue of cults that decidedly do not, whatever may be their rhetoric, respect democracy".

"Serial Sex Molestation and Bedroom Killings. But Much More"


"For several months in 2004, former Sathya Sai Baba followers coordinated internationally to advance our grave concerns to BBC 2, This World.
(A list of some major issues is at the end of this article)"

"It was not lightly that the BBC gained sanction from its Legals and senior Management to use a hidden camera on Dr Michael Goldstein".

"Core leaders of the Sathya Sai Organization suppressed the truth of our accounts from their rank-and-file, and where suppression was out of the question, utmost spin-doctoring and distortion of testimony that had been provided at great personal sacrifice and spiritual betrayal by many long honored by their (now former) fellow devotees".

"Many former devotees had dedicated decades of their lives to spiritual disciplines and to Sai Baba auspiced social service activities in their own communities and elsewhere. Some had been noted leaders. But, the moment, in any country, any former devotee spoke up, he or she was typically ostracized and vilified".

"Sai Baba vaunts his key leaders as models of rectitude but, as all too many reasonably well-informed Sai Baba devotees know, they most decidedly are not. For yet another prime example, see my article concerning the angry, finger jabbing, facially contorted world chairman Dr Michael Goldstein".