Hazards For Abuse Survivors Both Timid and Bold


Date: 11-10-07

By: Ex Baba admin

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Hazards For Abuse Survivors Both Timid and Bold



Hazards Of Brave Abuse Survivors
Problems of Litigation Acute
Sai Baba Heavily Protected In India

Sai Baba Protected By The Supreme Court Of India


"Many abuse survivors - anywhere - do not speak out. Sai Baba’s proxy defenders on the Internet and elsewhere make the most of this difficulty. They say there have been no prosecutions of Sai Baba. Yet it often takes years or decades before survivors can come to terms with what happened to them".

"The archive at this link contains a document with court proof - contrary to assertions of Sai Baba’s proxy defenders on the Internet - that a case was in fact brought. One of India’s top advocates, Kamini Jaiswal, took the case on behalf of Hari Sampath, a noted dissenter from Sai Baba, formerly from the Security wing at Puttaparthi, and she and her assisting Counsel Prashant Kumar and Gaurav Agarwal and their client had to suffer the ignominy of a kangaroo court presided over by the profoundly compromised  judges: S.P. Barucha, A.S. Anand, G.B. Patnaik (or G.B. Pattnaik), and R.C. Lahoti. Each one of these went on to become Chief Justice of India. Their CJ at the time was P.N. Bhagwati, a very active member of the Sathya Sai Central Trust, well known for keeping a damper on Sai Baba scandals over many years. As a number of us know personally, when the legal notes for this case are shown in legal quarters, including eminent ones, where mature democratic principles much more cohere, the lawyers are disgusted! We shall share the as yet unpublished details of this case with responsible media, legal authorities or academic researchers".