Contra Cult Crusaders Need to Communicate and Coordinate


Date: 10-03-07

By: Ex Baba admin

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Contra Cult Crusaders Need to Communicate and Coordinate


"In the exposure of morally or criminally aberrant gurus and their cults, it is important to keep focus on one’s own exposure campaigns. This alone takes enormous time and energy. However, there is often no communication between contra cult activists across the board, each group of whom is exposing the specific cult which it has left. One would wish to advocate that, to some degree, activists across the board, engage in organized, civil exchange exchange of views, experiences, and, at times, resources".

"Some fora exist for this exchange of perspectives, such as those provided by conferences conducted by ICSA (International Cult Studies Association, formerly AFF), FAIR (Family Action Information and Resource, UK), and so on. At least face-to-face contact at the personal and professional or academic, levels can help sort out what emails and other readings never will. Here, one is heartened by cyberconferencing (both video and voice) developments such as Skype".