Sai Baba’s Un Divine Downfall


Date: 11-18-07

By: Ex Baba admin

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Sai Baba’s Un Divine Downfall

For the busy reader, this is a condensed version of Barry Pittard's longer article
The Decline and Fall of the Showman Empire.

(In footnotes, a link is also given to The Secret Swami. BBC Docu. Review. Condensed.  This is a shorter version of his article: The BBC’s The Secret Swami - A Revision There are also hotlinks to BBC video footage).


"The present writer (email:  bpittard(at) can provide journalists and other investigators with a slew of media and academic contacts who can verify that the Sathya Sai Organization is a prime example of a cult in hiding from the media and others wishing to examine it. This is why the BBC obtained a difficult to gain sanction from its senior managment and Legals to use a hidden camera on the world chairman of Sai Baba’s orgnanization, Dr Michael Goldstein of Covina,


"Read his discourses - simply that - and the contradictions, the absurdly non-scientific and blundering historical statements (now excised where possible by his editors, but archived by academics Robert Priddy and Brian Steel, see below) will demolish him"

"The Duke of Edinburgh Awards - owing to, in this sort of issue, a not very experienced or competent UK CEO, Peter Westgarth - was slow off the mark. However, after very high level representations from our side, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme trustees and Prince Philip’s Private Secretary, Brigadier Sir Miles Hunt-Davies KCVO, CBE, realized that a serious matter was at hand. Questions were also raised by some powerful citizens, including a former Home Minister, Tom Sackville. The Duke of Edinburgh Awards required of Dr G. Venkataraman, at an official Sai Baba website to take down the triumphant - but absurdly mistaken - information that the Duke of Edinburgh Award had been awarded to Sai Baba himself. See link below for: A Duke Stops An Emperor. Edinburgh Routs Sai Baba"