Loose Lips Sink Ships


Date: 08-30-07

By: Ex Baba admin

At his blogsite  http://barrypittard.wordpress.com  you can read Barry Pittard's article:

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Page Url:  http://barrypittard.wordpress.com/2007/08/19/loose-lips-sink-ships/


tight-lips-sink-sai-babas-ships.jpg "Our security of communications - in a word, secrecy - has been vital. Most of our networked former devotees had never in our lives been party to a public campaign. The complex steps of the ‘dance’ between private and public had yet to be learnt, and to be learnt on-the-hop".

"Any sincere error on our part could have painful consequences. Survivors and other witnesses come to us with a trust that we should never endanger - for example, with a careless remark, the accidental sending of an email, or the answering of even certain fair and reasonable questions raised on the Internet or shopping mall, etc".