Is Sai Baba’s Governmental Influence ‘Miraculous’?


Date: 11-02-07

By: Ex Baba admin

To date, at:, Barry Pittard has two blogs on this issue.

Is Sai Baba’s Governmental Influence ‘Miraculous’?


"It was revealing to find an old 1998 Indian Express report that saw corrupt links between Sai Baba’s chief representatives and a then Civil Aviation boss. Most Indian publications have long suffered their publisher’s censorship against reports adverse to Sathya Sai Baba".

"Likely to have been all too little noticed, then, was a report filed in the Indian Express in February 1998 by reporter Swati Chaturvedi. It points to corrupt origins in the sanctioning of the Sathya Sai airport. What the Swati Chaturvedi article does not mention is that the then Civil Aviation Secretary, M.K. Kaw, is a Sai Baba devotee".

Sai Baba’s Airport Up For Sale, Reports Business Standard


"Stop Press. It is reported that Sai Baba’s airport, which has long had capacity for international flights, is up for sale"

Here is the latest news on this item:

It has just been announced that the Sathya Sai Central Trust is trying to find a buyer for the Sathya Sai airport.

"Is Sai Baba flying or well grounded?

"Our reports are of greatly declining numbers visiting Sai Baba from abroad. In the face of 7 years of the most intense exposure for former devotee forces both on and off the Internet, is the Sathya Sai Organization having a grave liquidity problem?

"Perhaps, big donors like minerals magnate James Sinclair, Isaac Tigrett, former creator-owner of the Hard Rock Cafe and the House of Blues, the Rai family in India, etc., who may have to come extra good for the sheer capital just to keep hugely costly Sathya Sai programs, building and plant going. But then, are these individuals free of their own liquidity problems?"