Probed On Male Sex Abuse, Sai Baba Evicts BBC TV Team

Date: 08-03-07

By: Exbaba Admin

From: Barry Pittard at



"A few days into the film shoot, the BBC asked for a comment on the worldwide allegations against Sai Baba of sex abuse of young males. The ashram authorities then peremptorily ordered them to leave, and Dr Goldstein (who was in Puttaparthi at the time) sent a prompt  instruction to all Sai Baba centres throughout the world that no-one must cooperate with the BBC".

"The ashram authorities extended highly guided tours to the BBC by Central Trust Secretary K. Chakravarthy and other leading officials, including the world head of the Sathya Sai Organization Dr Michael Goldstein of Covina, California, never before granted to a television corporation. In November or December 1997, Indulal Shah (then world head of the Sathya Sai Organization) told me that, over the years, a number of big overseas television companies had sought permission to shoot in the ashram but that ’Bhagavan had not permitted it".