Will World Accept Sai Baba?

He Says Yes. Very Soon


Date: June 28th, 2007

By: Exbaba Admin

At: http://barrypittard.wordpress.com/2007/06/28/will-world-accept-sai-baba-he-says-yes-very-soon/


"It does not seem to occur to Sai Baba’s devotees that the rest of humanity simply will not let him be God".

"Sadly, in the long run, it will be the great life crisis of these devotees, so many of them sincere and decent people, that their cherished beliefs, for which they work so tirelessly hard at practically all levels of the society, are doomed. They already have to watch him severely ageing, when he said he would not age after he turned 60 years. They now witness whole trails of his broken promises".

"In admittedly the extreme case, what untold ghastliness arose because the Weimar Republic curled up foetal-style in its wretched bed?  Thomas Jefferson had the matter right - “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”.

"We also need to look within our own communities, and perhaps within our own selves, to see that distorted thinking of cultic thinking, in greater or lesser degree, exists in our own milieu, and not alone in forces without, such as terrorism".