Initial publication date on 09-09-06


The TV Programme sent in 2000 went out on Argentinian TV

 in two parts on two weekends,

 directed by Agnostelli.

Official Transcript









TAPE 1643

Primer plano de Sbaba

00: 27:16


09:28 / 10:00

Zoom throne & SB marking rythm


TAPE 1643

Walks – devotees praying

00:29:03 - 00:29:24


TAPE 0063

Leonardo Gutter

09:15  09:29

TAPE 0069

In 28:38


TAPE 007 In 02:14:00 y

VHS 001964 In 03:74


TAPE 1643

En 00:07:08

Sai Baba appears and disappears

TAPE 005

SB C/children



TAPE 0007 Web sites

En 00:02:35 / 00:03:45:00

En 00:29:11 /0 01:22:00



TAPE 0025 Conny Larsson

From 18:40 till 18:55:05

OFF: This is one of the most venerated and controversial men on the planet


(Sai Baba Songs – (camera)





His name: Sri Sathya Sai Baba. His followers believe him to be the human incarnation of God on Earth. They speak of incredible healings that include resurrecting the dead.


"In the same way, Sai Baba cures all kinds of illnesses, from paralytics, the blind, he even took a person out of the morgue of a hospital 12 hours after he had died.


OFF: But the most popular miracle is his alleged ability to "materialize" a holy ash that presumably has healing properties.


For a long time, the main detractors of his alleged powers were skeptic scientists


In the last few years they were joined by disaffected devotees who not only accuse Sai Baba of fraud but of sexual molestation of minors.



Internet was the scene of the scandal.



Did Sai Baba only touch you or did you have sexual relations?


Of course... There was masturbation, oral sex... Behind the curtain, everything ocurred..





(Fin introducción)


TIEMPOS: 3’ 3’’





TAPE 1643 (25:43 - 26:03).


TAPE 0063

Leonardo Gutter

18:39:16 - 18:49:00



TAPE 0029 Sharon Purcell

26:13:17 - 26:23:12



TAPE 0101

Mónica Socolovsky

14:20:14 -14:56:18



TAPE 0101

01:07: 15 - 1:13:11


TAPE 0035

Enrique Márquez

00:39:10 - 00:50:10


TAPE 0029

Daniel Zalzman

04:56:14 - 05:16:00





TAPE 0025 Conny Larsson

De 21:20 hasta 22:00






TAPE 0030 Daniel Coifman

13:01:24 -13:17:23





TAPE 031

Said Korramshahgol

01:39:00 -01:59:19

"Sai Baba is without a doubt a great spiritual teacher that is transforming the lives, minds and hearts of millions of people throughout the world  so that they can turn into better human beings"


“Well, you know what? I believed he was God… he did do one thing that I can't explain, that's why I think that he is some kind of an astral demon.


"The first miracle, the first, was in the most important festivity, Mahasivarathri, there were between 14 and 15 hundred people there. We were told that they were going to serve dinner. I said: "How can they serve us dinner?" there was no kitchen, there was nothing. Baba came and placed his hands over the pots. Since we were only a few in those days, I stood next to the pots because I wanted to see…We never ran out of food!"


"I wouldn't call him a magician because an illusionist presents his tricks to entertain people not to swindle them economically and morally."


"I have seen invalids when Baba comes take their hand and they get up and walk. I have seen materializations of everything…It gets to the point, on the second or third trip, where the miracles of Sai Baba don't impress you anymore"


It was a major catastrophe, a fiasco, a total catastrophe to realize that I had brought down tens of thousands of people to that place. I had wondered around the earth ten times speaking about his glory. I was the prompter of these people to go there and when my eyes were opened I thought, what in hell has been going on?


It is not a question of being for or against something. It is a question that each one has to find in which way he/she would serve in a better way, growing internally, being more useful to the greatest possible number of people…This is what I learned from him.


"I think that he is definitely not a holy person, he is not an honest person, he is not a loving person. He is definitely not God. I think he is a sociopath."







TAPE VHS 001963

00:30 - 00:63

Locate Puttaparthi

in map of  India


TAPE 0005

In 00:17:01:20


TAPE 0005

07:20 - 07:40







TAPE 0030


20:24:14 - 21:03:17










TAPE 0063 L. Gutter

10:28:00 -11:05:00


TAPE 0089

05:14:07 - 05:31:12



TAPE 1642

Desde 24:19 a 24:24

Devotees melting into the light


09:40 -10:40

Devotees hand out food


TAPE 0030

0018:50 - 0019:01:02


TAPE 0030

Daniel Coifman

04:18:02 - 04:41:16

TAPE 0005

En 07:00 / 08:35

“Structure of God”

TAPE 0030

Photo 22:05:19


TAPE 0089


OFF: Sathya Sai Baba was born in the village of Puttaparthi, State of Andhra Pradesh, in the south of India



His Parents, Pedda Venkappa y Easwarama Raju, named him Sathyanarayana.


His followers compare his conception with that of Jesus: his mother had become pregnant when a great ball of light entered the house while she was bathing. On the day of Sathya's birth, November 23, 1926, strange music was heard in the house and the family discovered a cobra, symbol of Hindu Divinity, coiled under his bed.


In school he made candy and pencils appear from thin air. But all became convinced of his extraordinary powers when a teacher felt glued down to his chair and could not get up until he repented from the ill ways in which he had treated the students.


His fame grew as much as his parent's worries. They thought him to be possessed by demons and they consulted sorcerers and medical doctors that subjected him to severe and cruel treatments.


"He is in a very small town, like Quebrada de Humahuaca, where a boy suddenly says: 'I have a mission to save humanity'. And he begins his mission, quits school and prophesizes right then and there what was going to happen on planet Earth during his life (he says he is going to live to be 96 and that he will reincarnate 8 years later saying where and how)…


And among all these events, he says that no nuclear holocaust will take place on earth, that there will not be a Third World War, that there will not be any destruction of the planet, much to the contrary: that the Earth is going to make progress to a much higher state of consciousness where human values will prevail."


OFF: At age 14, Sathya is already considered a holy man.


"These beings, who are called Avatars in India, that is to say, that they are no more than a complete  incarnation, beings that are born with a realized process and thus they appear, and that is what is strange, what is weird."



OFF: On May 7, 1940 he is bitten by a scorpion and his personality changes completely. Since then, he is no longer Sathyanarayana Raju and he proclaims himself to be the reincarnation of the saint Sai Baba of Shirdi, who had passed away eight years before his birth.


TAPE  0030 M Caparrós

From 29:53:24

Book: TAPE 0005

In 11:45:17



TAPE  0030

29:53:24 to cut.




TAPE  0030

30:53:00 -0031:04:11

OFF: Fascinated by the religious spectacle that trapped thousands of Argentineans, Martin Caparrós traveled to Puttaparthi becoming the first Argentinean journalist to present an independent vision of the phenomenon.


"Sai Baba has  important economic power in India which is sometime put to amiable use, such as a number of schools and projects of the sort…(cut)

…but then he has other expressions of economic power. less recoverable from a pious, religious point of view,. like the fleet of cars Sai Baba has, a pair of Jaguars (…)But I think it is the least that can be done: if an executive of an international firm can have them, why not God?"







VHS Views of India

TAPE 1642

04:17 - 04:26

05:50 - 06:10

OFF: Presently Sai Baba has around 10 million followers around the world, of which 3 million are in India. It was estimated in 1993 that there are about 6,000 Centers spread over 137 countries.


TAPE 1642

13:12 - 13:24

Begging hands




TAPE VHS 001964

In 11:40

TAPE 1642

03:00 / 03:55 & 04:20




TAPE 0069

Leonardo Gutter

03:05:15 - 03:32:11







TAPE 0030

Martín Caparrós

20:XX:?? to30:43:09





Prasanthi Nilayam: 03:39:22




TAPE 1642

05:50 to 06:37

Look for western faces in the crowd


TAPE 0089

00:06:52 a 07:0523

Entrance control


TAPE 1643

Policeman praying w/Baba



OFF: The epicenter of this phenomenon is India, a country that has a population of a 1000 million, where half of this population live in absolute poverty and the percentage of children under 5 who suffer from malnutrition has reached 93 per cent.


Baba lives in Puttaparthi, a town that hosts millions of pilgrims every year. 75 schools and 2 highly specialized hospitals are administered from there. The Rationalists Association of India estimated that the Sai Empire, including its properties, has reached a figure of 1,700 million dollars.


The owner of the Hard Rock Café, Isaac Tigrett, sold his corporation and said to Baba that he wanted to give him the money. Sai Baba told him to keep half and if he wanted to, he could donate the other half to build a hospital. A foundation was chartered, which was supervised by the government, the donation went there and with those funds, a hospital that is free for everyone was built."


"…'It’s incredible, because in the middle of a barren plateau, where people die from a common cold, he set up this hospital where I understand they can transplant a whole giraffe…but don't offer the basic medical care that the population needs and consequently dies for not having it."


OFF: There is one unquestionable miracle: around Sai Baba, or his living legend, a town has emerged almost from nothing.


Today Puttaparthi has a floating population of 20 thousand. During festivities, the town hosts another 200 thousand in the immense main temple of Prasanthi Nilayam (Abode of Supreme Peace)


OFF: The strict security measures seem to prove false the invulnerability of one who claims to be God. In 1993, four disciples entered Baba's room in an assault. He had set off an alarm and hid in the garage. The devotees were executed by the ashram police. It was known shortly after that Sai Baba himself prevented any investigation from taking place.







TAPE 1643

00:14:45 -00:15:06





TAPE 0048


4:23:23 - 4:33:20


TAPE 0005

From 00:05:45:24

To 00:06:14:00








TAPE 0048


5:05:00 -5:22:04


TAPE 0101 Insert

01:07:15 - 1:13:11

01:49 - 01:53:03




TAPE 0101

Monica Socolovsky

From 12:18:15 to 12:50:17


TAPE News File

From 03:18:12 to 03:30



TAPE 0101

From 01:49 to 01:53:03

TAPE 0005

Man making a sand sculpture of Baba 13:51:24




TAPE 0101

M Socolovsky

09:00:10 -00:9:42:20










TAPE 0101

M Socolovsky

10:13:14 -10:30:20

TAPE 0005

Book:  12:47:17

OFF: Baba is not the only self proclaimed incarnation of God on Earth in India's the colorful spiritual panorama. But, without a doubt, it is the most influential Hindu inspired movement in the West.


“Sai Baba is one of the better known ones in India, also overseas and particularly in Argentina."


OFF: One of the differences between Sai Baba and the other eastern cults is that, while the Hare Krishna movement, Osho or the followers of Guru Maharishi migrated to the West, the Swami with the afro hairdo had the faithful visit him, not leaving, except once, the security of his own temple in India.


OFF:  More than 60% of the Argentineans who are interested in visiting India want to know how to get to Sai Baba's ashram.


“That is something peculiar in this place. Many Argentineans who come here to the Embassy to ask for a visa, are going to see Sai Baba in Puttaparthi"


OFF: The teachings of Sai Baba make their entrance in Argentina in 1980 thanks to the fashion designer Monica Socolovsky. In 1992, Socolovsky started the Foundation for Practical Spirituality and became distant from the Sai Organizacion. But not so from her devotion for Baba.


."He told me to open the first Sai Baba center in Argentina in 1980, in the midst of the military dictatorship…I lived on Uriarte Street and 40 people sang in Sanskrit in my house. The man who lived below me was a military man; he never found out. That is: it was a miracle…and the day we stopped and didn't sing anymore he asked me what had happened with the nice aroma that used to come from my house".


OFF: Another one of the powers that are attributed to Sai Baba is his ability to communicate with his devotees through dreams. Socolovsky says she perceived his presence in 1968, when she lived in New York.


"That same year, for 12 years, I start dreaming of this being, with his hair like this, very amusing, who gives me all the instructions in my life…as a matter of fact that is why I moved to Argentina. And he helped me during many instances in my life. For me he was my guardian angel who had taken this form because I would believe it. I never knew that he was Sai Baba."


OFF: Amazing coincidences, or synchronizations, play an important role in the body of beliefs of devotees.


"When I arrived in Europe. I went to buy an astrological  ephemerides and a book drops right in front of me, it landed upright and then fell back an opened to a photo of the person I had been dreaming of. I then closed the book and the title was Sai Baba and the Psychiatrist.


Baba creating holy ash

Tape 1643

From 14:27 to 14:40

OFF: Another point of the controversy rests on the good faith of the one who says he is God ¿What if the saint is cheating? Is it legitimate to deceive in the name of faith?



FLOOR: Zona de Investigacion asked the person who is responsible for the Sai Organization in Latin America about how is it that Baba creates money from thin air. An illusionist explains how, from his viewpoint, Baba does his materializations.






Tape 0063 Leonardo Gutter

13:39:22 - 13:46:08


TAPE 1642

20:14 - 20:41

Gutter with Sai Baba

"There are thousands and thousands of cases and proofs of the legitimacy of Sai Baba's materializations".


OFF: Leonard Gutter is a psychologist, a business man and responsible for the Sai Baba Organization in Latin America. Gutter asserts that Sai Baba's powers violate the laws of physics.

TAPE 0063

14:20 -14:38


VHS 001964


09:12:40 to 09:69

SB interview with devotees







De 14:49:10 hasta 15:43:11


Gutter's eyes



Cristina listening



Gutter listening:






Cristina's eyes:









VHS 001964

From 10:00 to 10:15

Baba hands ring to adepts













TAPE 0025 Conny Larsson

0014:13 - 14:55


"Some young men from Argentina went there with one way tickets. He told them to return to their country to live and study. The young men told him that they had no money for the return ticket and Sai Baba stretched his hand an what was amusing was that one kid had to give each a bill…The bills were stuck together, like a photo that has just been developed…and he would give one to each…when he finished distributing them…


Cristina: Are these regular legal bills?


- Legal bills. When he finished distributing them, the one he owed 300 dollars to had 300 more than the other one.


Cristina: How can you be sure that the money that Sai Baba materializes is legal?


- Well, the people who have received it, has used it and they have not had any problems. They're legal …


Cristina: But, money has a serial number


- It is absolutely incomprehensible. They are absolutely normal…The only difference is that they look as if they had just been made.


OFF: The investigator Basava Premanand took Sai Baba' case to court years ago because of violation of the Gold Control Act that restricts the making, possession, sale and transfer of gold.


Cristina: But where do they come from? If you explain this at a bank, they are going to say that you are laundering money…


- It's incomprehensible… Once, people from the government of India, from the tax department, came to see him because Sai Baba not only materializes money, but precious stones, necklaces, rosaries and then they came to question why Sai Baba makes gifts of these to many people who leave India. Sai Baba gave these two persons an audience. He stretched his hand and in front of them appeared a small mound of precious stones and when the inspectors saw this they fell at his feet and asked for forgiveness…"


The Judge at the Court, Y.V. Anjaneyulu, a Sai devotee, rejected the case presented by Premanand because those articles "were materialized through spiritual powers".


Does Sai Baba have a strong political influence?


- He is India. He is the president of India. Sai Baba is the Prime Minister of India. Everyone is paid off. Everyone goes where he says and does what he wills.


How did he turn into someone who is so powerful?


- By cheating, by paying off, by getting the money from the westerners who donate millions of dollars every year. All this money has made him very powerful, not his wisdom.


TAPE 0007

Desde 01:55:23

Hasta 2:14:21



TAPE 0035

Enrique Márquez

00:02:20:24 - 02:49:08


TAPE 0035

15:40:10 - 16:35:00

OFF: For Enrique Marquez, an illusionist, expert in paranormal fraud, Sai Baba "materializes" the so called holy ash or vibhuti through a very simple trick:


“He turns his hand this way and, magically, dissolves the powder, puts it on a devotee's hand or anybody else's who is near…”



TAPE 0035

00:04:52:02 - 05:38:23



TAPE 0007


From 02:39:01

In 02:42: 24 show circle

to 0257:00

Close up in slow motion




TAPE 0089

23:00 -23:18



TAPE 0101

Monica Socolovsky

From 18:52:17 to 9:29:12








TAPE  0035

Enrique Márquez

08:54:08 -09:18:18




TAPE 0101

Monica Socolovsky

From 35:27:22

To 35:45:13




TAPE 0089

From 25:19 to26:04



"When he walks among the people, taking advantage that he is wearing a long tunic -there the excuse to hold his tunic in order to walk more comfortably- he has his left fist closed, and that way he already has the object that is to appear, be it a small pellet of vibhuti or several of them, a necklace, a watch, whatever it may be. When he moves around he goes receiving different letters.  Once he has received an envelope, that gives him a certain ease, because the object remains hidden under the envelope and he can g on walking around. At a given moment, when he decides to make the object appear, he turns the other hand, moves it around and the object appears."


OFF: The fact that Sai Baba materializes watches, jewelry and other fancy objects, has always been the cause of bitter arguments.


"There was a lady who desperately wanted a Tiffany jewel and Sai Baba materialized it. That is to say, he appeared in that place. Tiffany jewelry has a serial number, that is, one can always verify where it came from…and when they went to Tiffany, the man said: 'Yes, there was a man here wearing a tunic' and he described Sai Baba, 'who bought that piece of jewelry'. That is to say that it is very important to know that the masters don't alter the order of things…"


"The main attraction is precisely his miracles. I think that the minute a person stumbles into a Sai Baba centre they begin to fill his head with the idea that Sai Baba is God, that Sai Baba makes miracles happen…Moreover, he says it himself: "Miracles are my calling card".


"The energetic movement that is generated in a materialization, even if you are an imbecile, makes you look. Because there's a field of energy that is generated that makes the person look. We need clubs to wake up this humanity of ours."


Music CD Sai Baba songs distorted (camera)


(Zoom to the point where the change of hand is noticed)





TAPE 0104

Said Korramshahgol

From 00:25:35:06

To 00:26:00:03

“It took me a couple of years to really come to terms and start to trust myself and my own thinking and say yes, Sai Baba was a monster, Sai Baba was taking advantage of me, Sai Baba was cheating, Sai Baba was taking advantage sexually. I took a long time, but I am really glad I did it and I feel free now."

TAPE 1010

Mónica Socolovicz

27:51:13 - 28:05:12

What is the moral of the inter-dimensionality? Who made morality? What are we talking about? A Jewish-Christian morality? a Muslim, Mahommedan morality? About what morality? It is so difficult…





Show phrases in the book


OFF: In 1933, on page 133 of the book in Spanish " Sai Baba El Señor" ("Sai Baba The Lord") the devotee Graciela Bustos reproduces a dialogue where a group of young men relate how Swami took their member and testicles in his hand. And she congratulates them: Baba has "unblocked the energy" to guarantee them  "a healthy and happy sex life and a fulfilling masculinity".


TAPE 0063

21:07:20 - 21:30






TAPE 0063

21:49:13 -22:01






22:13:05 - 22:19:13



23:57:00 - 24:27:24







"That is out of context. Sai Baba sometimes materializes an oil in his hand to cure people and rubs the oil on the neck, the chest or the stomach. Sometimes below the stomach and when he passes that hand rubbing and curing then of illnesses…"


Cristina: Does he ever touch the testicles in those instances?


Maybe, if the person had a certain problem, he could have touched the testicles rubbing this oil that he materializes in his hand, but he mainly does that on the throat, the chest or the stomach…"



"To call this sexual abuse is a bit of an exaggeration and a total distortion of what Sai Baba does.…




If there's such assurance in respect to this, why was this same chapter removed on a later edition of the same book?


Precisely because these misunderstandings arose due to that commentary. Presently Bustos is a fervent devotee of Sai Baba and when she saw that this had caused such confusions, she preferred omitting it as something that was causing confusion about the point that she was trying to make by writing this."





TAPE 0029

07:58:12 Cover of new Edition of the Book “Sai Baba El Señor”.

OFF: Graciela Bustos declined talking to Zona de Investigación, but she confided that the Sai Organization itself advised her, through the Errepar, the publisher, to delete the chapter entitled SATSANG in the new edition that was published this year.


TAPE 0101 Monica Soco

24:38 - 25:03





TAPE 0005

De 13:20 - 13:44:15

De 14:05:08 - 14:15:00

Cover Brooke's book

14:30:07 - 15:07




TAPE 0030

25:48:20 - 26:27:22









From 26:42:09 to 26:50:15



"Sai Baba has a way of relating by which…I don't know what he does, because I just don't, that in some way he touches the genitals of men, because he never does that to women…he says that women do not need stimuli of any sort."


OFF: Bustos' book was not the first one to be censored since this scandal. In 1976, Tal Brooke, a disciple of Sai Baba for three years, mentioned in the book "Avatar of the Air" the spiritual devastation that he encountered upon discovering that Sai Baba was harassing him sexually. When Caparrós went to India, he tried to find Brooke's book.


"Then I started to look for it, I couldn't find it anywhere and I made myself take a kind of mini pilgrimage throughout India. Looking for that book, I went to the National Library, the publisher, but no one had it. That was enough for me to become more interested. Which is to say that if someone went through all that trouble to have it disappear from circulation, then it must have had some interest. By mere chance, a day before I was leaving, a journalist told me that he had it…devotees would have said that Baba sent it to me.

"I thought that a book that had been so persecuted merited being reproduced, merited being heard."



TAPE 0029 Inserts

De 37:49:09 a 38:12:00

Photograph of the period



TAPE 0025

De 00:04:18:19

Hasta 00:04:53


TAPE 0025

De 02:41:11 a 02:58







TAPE 0025

Desde 10:46 hasta 11:14



TAPE 0005


Conny con devotos


TAPE 0029 Insert

43:02:16 a 43:31:20

Baja las escaleras y va hacia la computadora

TAPE 0005 Libros de Conny

09:14 y 10:17


TAPE 0025

De 13:17 a 13:55


Insert TAPE 0005

Desde 05:02:09 hasta 05:36

Conny with Baba, Zoom en CORTINA.


TAPE 0025

From14:06:00 to 14:23:05



TAPE 0025

Fom 00:15:42




From 16:15 a 16:55







TAPE 0025 Conny Larsson

From 18:40 to 18:55:05




From 00:18:00 a 18:28

OFF: The Swedish actor and businessman Conny Larsson lived in Sri Lanka when, in March 1978, he decided to travel to Sai Baba's ashram in Puttaparthi.


"I was sitting there on the first row. I happened to come into the first row and then suddenly Sai Baba was standing out on the temple terrace where he usually goes out to look who's there, then he was just looking at me and suddenly he went straight on to me and said to me: 'You have come now', I said yes, 'And where do you come from?', he asked, and I said 'yes, I'm coming from Sweden', he said No, no, no, you come from Sri Lanka . And at that time I thought 'oh, he is all knowing! He knows everything about me and that was the first so called fact I tell him.


Conny Larsson tenía 30 años y era dueño de una compañía constructora de 22 millones de dólares.


“Baba started to pay attention to me and he asked me. 'What are you doing in Sri Lanka' and I told him. And he said 'It's not good, do something else and I said 'What to do?’ And I was having the meaning of staying with him in Puttarthi, for life, not doing anything else because if God was on earth as they told us, of course, I want to be where God is, I want to be his servant."


OFF: Larsson gave away his business to a Baba devotee that lives in Sri Lanka, he installed himself in the ashram and was part of Sai Baba's inner circle for 21 years. Sai Baba entrusted him to make his mission known throughout the world.


“Behind the 'curtain of shame' he asked me to take away my Indian pajamas, my trousers, and let them down. I was just flabbergasted, I didn't know what to think my God asked me to take away and he saw my…


Did he realize you were shocked?


Yes…sort of, and he said, 'don’t worry, I am going to cure you, he said, and I asked 'For what?' and then he said, 'You're life force in the spine, your kundalini is in the wrong place'. And, I mean, he was God telling me that I had some illness and he was going to change it. Then he manifested a little oil, so called 'manifested' oil and then he smeared that around my genitals.


For ten minutes, I went in with the others and then he called me and now the pants went down very quickly and now I could see, I didn't realize, I saw but I denied what I saw that he wanted to hold, there was no oil, he went directly to my penis and started to masturbate me and finally in the interviews this just went on he explained though, why: I was that special boy that had to go through this, he said that I was one of his former disciples in an earlier incarnation and that as a pupil at that time I had not finished with him…


Did Sai Baba just touched you or did you have sexual intercourse?


Of course! Of course! There was masturbation, oral sex. Behind the curtain, everything occurred, ejaculation, both, from my side and from his side.


God was God. God had the right to do whatever he wanted. That was my learning. When I came out from the interviews, you see, all the people were saying Oh! Oh! Conny, what a wonderful thing, God has touched you and everyone outside was looking up to me as the person, as the chosen one and I moved into that role. That was so easy.


TAPE 0005

Desde 18:33

Diarios q’ hablan de Larsson

S/Hoffman: 21:09



TAPE 0025

Desde 19:40 a 20:21


TAPE 0025

Desde 21:56:22:03


TAPE 0063 Leonardo Gutter

Desde 24:50:24 hasta 25:00


OFF: Larsson was named  Spiritual Coordinator of the Organization and soon turned into one of the most  popular devotees in Europe, to the point that Hollywood was about to make a movie of the story of his life in which Dustin Hoffman was to star.


In 83 you said it stopped.


"No, no it stopped because I got too old, he is not interested in elderly boys, he wants young boys. He told me that I had to do the duties. The mission with the others. Now I had to go out in the world and teach what he was saying, his love, to teach these things everywhere, he said."


I don't know Conny Larsson. I know thousands of people all over the world who were transformed by Sai Baba and are serving the community.



TAPE 0104 Said Korramshahgol

De 06:19:80 a 06:26:10




TAPE  031

22:40:00 hasta 22:51:22




TAPE 0104

Desde 9:33:00 a 10:32












TAPE 0104

Said Korramshahgol

12:57:20 - 13:13:19





De 11:25:00 -11:25:22


De 12:04:00 - 12:27:00


"In a way, yes, he was my father, my mother, that's what he said. He was my God, he was my everything. I looked up to him even for drinking water, if he said no I wouldn't drink it.   


OFF: The American-Iranian Said Khorramchahgol is an Internet programmer and lives in Los Angeles. He traveled to India three times between 1991 and 1993 he traveled to India three times and he was alone with Sai Baba seven times.


"In the first meeting, he asked me to undo my pants. I pulled down my pants and he basically circled his hand like that and created some oil and he applied it between the areas, uh.. in the front and the back, the penis and the anus and he pushed up very hard. It was actually hurting and he pushed up for about fifteen seconds and he asked me to put my pants up and after that the interview was finished. That was the first interview. Right now I feel that was my introduction…That was the way he broke the ice.


OFF: Said was 18 years old when Sai Baba gave him his first private interview.


"In every private interview after that he asked me to put down my pants and he would play with my penis. He was not anymore applying oil to the area between the penis and the anus he would play with my penis.


OFF: Baba never explained the meaning of what he was doing with him.


“His initiation of me into the spiritual world, based on how they teach, us I thought probably there was something to it. He did something for me probably, because they tell you to push away all the bad thoughts. That is what Sai Baba says 'push away all doubts' 'push away all the bad thoughts' So if you start doubting his actions you immediately push it away, because it is put into your mind and this is the way to switch your life.


TAPE 0101 Monica Soco

27:06:19 - 27:24:08

"I can't believe them. There are created interests…What are they? I can't tell you. Nor do I know. But I know that Christ was crucified. And Sai Baba said: 'They won't be able to crucify me'.."



TAPE 0029

WEB descubrimientos

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TAPE 0104 In 13:50:07

OFF: In the Internet era, to try to keep this testimonies from circulating was like hiding the sky with one's hands.


“I really feel right now that he was trying to get some sort of stimulation"


TAPE 0029


To 07:50:10


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to 07:57:23



TAPE 0104 Said K.

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De 19:02:13 a 19:17:20



TAPE 0063 L. Gutter

Desde 06:29:00 a 06:43:08



OFF: In October 1999, Sai Baba answered: Anyone found talking in the Verandah should be sent out immediately, whosoever it may be. ...I will never call such people for interview again. Only those who observe silence are good people. Silence fosters purity. Therefore observe silence at all times.


“I did not talk to anybody about these things until I had left Sai Baba. I did tell the story one time to other devotees who were my age saying it was about a boy that got this treatment and they said oh we don`t want to here about these things don't mention them to anyone anymore."


"Neither I nor the thousands in Argentina have ever seen a sexual abuse. This is an atrocity. It's like if tomorrow I would say that Jesus abused sexually of his disciples".



Cristina: Last year's publication of a book on line called 'The Findings' that was extended through the Internet with the spreading of dozens of testimonies as the ones from Said and Conny Larsson brought about the closing of centers and Sai schools in Sweden and the United States as well as the desertion of long time officers of the Organization in those countries as well as England, Australia, Colombia and Venezuela.


Being that this is a subject that can hurt religious feelings, our production carefully counteracted the story of the accusers within the Sai Baba Organization.  Unfortunately it was confirmed that their testimonies are not the only ones. We will continue our story next Sunday.




Leonardo Gutter

President of the Sathya Sai Organization in Latin America.


Mónica Socolovsky

Founder of the Sathya Sai Organization in Argentina


Martín Caparrós

Journalist. Writer. Author of “Un viaje a la India en busca del Sai Baba”("A Trip to India in Search of Sai the  Baba)


Daniel Zalzman

Practical Speituality Foundation


Enrique Márquez

Illusionist expert in paranormal fraudulence


Said Korramshahgol

Sai Baba devotee for 6 years


Conny Larsson

Sai Baba devotee for 21 years


Sharon Purcell

Sai Baba devotee for 32 years


Daniel Coifman

Psychologist.  Sai Baba devotee for 20 years


U.S. Rawat

Agregado cultural de la Embajada de la India en la Argentina

Cultural Attaché India Embassy, Argentina