Swami's 'Maya'




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From: Robert Priddy

To: David Wolff

Sent: Thursday, November 28, 2002 5:46 PM

Subject: Swami's 'Maya'

David Wolff,

I swear by God and any holy scripture that I speak the truth here. Since you have taken it upon yourself to comment on exbaba.com and to tell us all off, I am now telling you some home truth. I do not mince my words, for I am not a Sai devotee hypocrite of the kind who does not tell the truth because it is 'unpleasant'. Even you like to tell what you think is the truth, and to be unpleasant to us! Every single truth, whatever it's content, is unpleasant to someone, you see.

Since you asked:

"Did any of you first hand witness any of these happenings,"

I must say that only victims witnessed the First Hand on their scrotums etc. I know a number of persons who were molested, and one who Sai involved in oral sex with! Plus many other whose accounts I have checked and cross-checked with many people etc. Come on, almost everyone in Puttaparthi village knows it, but no one dare speak as their lives are not worth it! I have checked this with reliable persons, such as Mrs. Bitten Nelson of Denmark who found out after 20 years too. She went to investigate and her long-standing villager friends finally told her the truth in absolute secrecy. This is but one of many accounts by reliable, upstanding persons who have given much for decades. We are very numerous ex-leaders and founder members in the various national SSO!

You also asked:

"Do any of you do even a fraction of good that all of us in the organization go out and do."

I can say that my wife and I worked selflessly and enterprisingly for the SSO on every opportunity from 1983 until 1999, seva work with old people, prisoners, refugees and more. We organised study circles, bhajan groups and attended all kinds of conferences... We also donated very large sums considering my earnings then (3,000- in 1983, 6,000- in 1988, over 1000- in 1994, 5,000- plus in 1996) and more to several other Sai projects. Now we know that the whole Central Trust is corrupt, many had to be sacked (Joga Rao for kickbacks, Narayanen for sudden riches, Suri for continual embezzlements- But SB publicly declared in 1993 that all were 100% o.k., only sacking them a year later on) and many others have been sacked for the same reasons (Dr. Bhatia for over 1 million dollars sales of voluntary blood donations, Nataraj for illegal accommodation dealings... the list just goes on!! But SB always lies that 'not a naya paise is wasted'!).

You may have done more, but that would only be your own funeral in so far as it supported a deceitful and disgusting guru. I have at least the faith in dharma to find out truly and come to terms with it.

You asked:

"If any of you, as the article explains, quotes Baba as challenging his detractors to emulate him to the extent of even one thousandth, then at least you would condemn and critisize one that you would emulate in doing good. What about all of the good and great things that have been accomplished? Do these count for nothing?"

You appear to have reached that near-mind-dead state that SB recommends where everything bad (as done by him only) can be explained away through his beguiling words that delude so many. Also by all the outward show, the tinsel and pomp, and all the many, many bad things SB did and still does. You know so little, not, for example, what was told by the one Sai Baba proclaimed his "soul brother", the boy Krishna who shared his bedroom and chariot etc. for years in their teenage (but then left him)! You do no know because you have been told not to see the bad... and you are taken in by the good things, of which there are a number, but far less than is trumpeted constantly by Sai Baba. Many people do good. Even Hitler raised the German nation from penury... but then what??

In truth, if you are not totally confused, you can see that Sai Baba does little himself but walk around and be admired, sound off boastfully, charm people so they will donate (and tell others off and send them away if they don't kow-tow to him)... everyone else does the work, provides the money, buys his cars, carries out every detail of the projects. You are blinded by the hype, which constitutes at least half of the SB activities. I would never want to emulate Sai Baba's activities, I do a job myself - not ask it of others and leave it all to them - and especially now that we know what they include!

But you do not know the great number of those whose lives have been more or less ruined by Sai Baba, because they leave the 'Sai family' and you all reject them thereafter as pariahs, as does the 'universal loving Sai Baba', who also threatened his critics (Xmas discourse 2000) and told lies about them doing it for money.

You wrote:

"I have been in front of Swami and have spoken with Him. I have seen amazing divine happenings in my life and the lives of others."

You are not alone. But do not mistake paranormal and astral powers with Divinity. Many brashta yogis have such powers too! I was with SB for 20 years, hundreds of darshans, sparsan, sambarshan, leelas galore, about 300 dreams, 5 2-hr. interviews plus 5 private interviews, materialisations in my house... you name it. I know he has paranormal powers (but he also fakes it more and more as he is losing them and has become fame, money and power mad). I never asked SB for a gold and large ca. 6 carat green diamond ring, but he gave me one in 1986 and has upheld the deceit that this is a diamond too (now I see this was just because I spoke of donating a large sum of money). Now the ring was recently opened and examined by a top diamond expert and found to be a synthetic stone with greenish tinfoil behind it to enhance the colour!! Have you seen the film 'Seduced' yet... with the victims of his oral sex etc. speaking out!! THAT is undeniable very convincing... but I have investigated far beyond those few persons.

You said:

"My best friends and brother's have attended His schools. No one has been hurt and molested."

Are you sure? Most victims have enormous problems even telling their best friends of what has been done. The biggest problems these victims have is their own families who are all totally brainwashed, so they can get no help anywhere!! Talk about a 'Loving Father', what a disgusting lie!!

You wrote:

"One thing about Baba is He can see your intentions."

One thing about me, is that I can see through his lies and deceptions and I know what his intentions are about too.. And there have been very many indeed, as you can see on my extensive website at http://home.no.net/anir/Sai

I know the whole dance, for I have danced it! I am 66 years old and have done many, many things since very early on just to seek the truth. Though you may not love to know this aspect of the genuine truth - a very common failing of most of mankind in many respects - you have brought it upon yourself.

Sincerely, Robert