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Letter from Botswana and similar Inquiries




Date: 11-02-02

Document date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 15:10:50 +0200


From: X

Dear Sir/Madam,

I happened to go through your letter in the site mentioned above. I am a devotee of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. My wife also was a devotee of Sri Ramana. Here in Botswana, there are no other devotees for satsang and therefore we started attending Sathya Sai bhajans. During one of the Bhajans, she had some mysterious experience which included some visions in and around the photo of SSB. Now she is an ardent devotee of SSB, though nothing could move me away from Sri Ramana and his Self-Inquiry.

Recently some body sent me a e-mail giving this site address '' where I found your letter.

I have some genuine doubts which if possible clarify.

1. Why these incidents did not figure in Indian News papers all these days ? Or even in Western press? Have they been published in any media other than these web sites?

2. Some incidents are reported to have taken place as late as 1999. Now SSB is 77. He must be 74 in 99. Do you think at that age one would be entertaining sexual desires ?

3. To some some extent I am convinced with one article where mistakes in the " Sathya Sai speaks' were pointed out. with factual details. If he is an ordinary cheat how could he perform so many miracles especially those involving telepathy, disclosing some facts known only to the devotee.
Probably he is not God incarnate as he claims himself to be but only somebody with siddhis (occult powers)

4. Some to whom I mentioned about the 'site' immediately reacted saying it is nothing but an organised attempt by Christian religion people feeling a threat to their religion.

May I have your reactions

Thanking you


Responding to: X re: Email on 11/1/02 5:10 AM

Dear Seekers of Truth,

In response to your letter below and similar inquiries, I refer you and others to the excellent and well organized material, including many media accounts, personal resignation letters, photos and an abundant plethora of documented research and supporting articles to be found at....

And I am asking the webmasters (via a copy of this Email) of that site to post your letter (edited without your name and address) and my entire response for the benefit of you and others who wish to know where I currently stand on the various issues raised in your letter. This will also allow you to have access to the writings of many former devotees who have already answered most of your questions in great detail. If you decide to make your name and address available for personal responses from former devotees, please contact the webmaster at the above address.

Since April 7, 2000, I have not been actively communicating with any of my brothers or sisters who are still worshipping the one immersed in darkness... nor have I been active with any of the expose' activities for quite some time now although I totally believe in the justness of their cause.

the Light Room.jpeg (39699 bytes)

I certainly wish all of the devotees well and have lovingly in my mind put them into what I call the "Light Room", but it is inconceivable for my own sanity and well-being to have any kind of a meaningful relationship with anyone who is still a devotee and especially those who are knowingly and actively participating in the orchestrated cover-up of the foul deeds being committed in the name of God. The God in my heart does NOT molest little children and does NOT sexually abuse ANYONE regardless of their gender or age... nor does he/she masquerade as a magician in a cloak of goodness while committing other acts of evil.

The speculations about the expose' being a Christian dominated effort are just that... pure speculation. The former devotees represent a cross section of all religious and ethnic persuasions and no one group or person can claim exclusivity in the expose' activities.

Only a super ego and lust for acclaim, greed and power can explain why the so called leaders of the ssb cult continue to cover-up the heinous crimes of their fraud god.

For me, it's now all about listening to and following your own heart.. Most of my life has been spent in seeking the approval of others and by doing so, I willingly gave away my own power and was vulnerable to wanting to believe in those who I had put up on the highest pedestal of perfection. There is no one else to blame. I wanted to believe and had the need to do so... the result was predictable and although it took 26 years to realize it, I had become a devoted member of one of the strongest mind controlling cults in the world.

That's all in the past now and I usually do not give much energy to it lest I become re-infected.

All of us have a tendency to replay all the old records and as long as we do so, the result is inevitable.

As a man thinketh, so he is... a very true statement and I am now very conscious of the thoughts I entertain particularly before falling asleep.

I still miss India and many personal friends and will probably go there again when it feels right.

At the moment, I am personally treating some skin cancers and spending much of my time actively involved with a new cleansing and detoxification Health & Wellness System because of its marvelous healing effects on my former wife after she escaped the jaws of death about a year ago.

Those who are interested may check it out on my website at

My intention is to spend considerable quality time in Canada and to travel, consult and write.

May this find all of you well and happy and following your own hearts.

Go Strong With Much Love and Light,

Glen Meloy

California USA