Who Murdered the Six in Sai Baba's

Bed Room?


Date: 04-11-02

Copied from the book: 'Murders in Sai Baba's Bedroom' by B. Premanand

Date of publication in 'Murders in Sai Baba's Bedroom': 06-31-2001



1. The Time of the Assault

2. Did the 4 Alleged Assailants Stab the 4 Aides of Sai Baba?

3. Were the 4 Aides Stabbed by Knives?

4. Did the police arrive at Prashanti N. before the crime?

5. Then how were the 2 Aides of Sai Baba Murdered?

6. Who activated the Siren?

7. Who Murdered the Four alleged Assailants?


1. The Time of the Assault

b. Occurrences of offence Day: Sunday, Date 6-6-93, Time 10:30 PM (Vol. 1, FIR Page 336) The Hindu (Vol. 2, Page 12), The Independent (Vol. 2, Page 17), Indian Express (Vol. 2, Page 25), The Statesman (Vol. 2, Page 31), Times of India (Vol. 2, Page 36) of 8.6.1993 have stated that the 4 assailants tried to crash into the residence of Satya Sai Baba at 10:30 PM - 10:45 PM on 6-6-1993.

Deccan Herald of 8-6-93 (Vol. 2, Page 9), published the interview with Gangadhara Reddy, Circle Inspector, Puttaparthi, who said that the assailants had tried to barge into the room where Sai Baba was resting in the Prasanthi Mandir to hand over a telegram at around 9:30 PM.

Mathrubhumi (Vol. 1, Page 70) investigated about the telegram and found that a telegram from Chandraswamy addressed to Satya Sai Baba was handed over to Suresh Santharam Prabhu at about 10:05 PM on 6-6-1993 at his home and his signature got.

This proves that Sai Baba had authorised Suresh Santharam Prabhu to receive telegrams, registered letters etc., and till that night he was in the good books of Sai Baba.

As per Justice Balakrishna Erady's statement, the 4 alleged accused were deputed to watch the residence of Sai Baba that night (Vol. 1, Page 116 & Vol. 2, Page 215)

If the telegram was received at l0:05 PM by Suresh Santharam Prabhu at his home on 6-6-1993 the statement of (Gangadjara Reddy that the assailants had tried to barge into the room where Sai Baba was resting in the Prasanthi Mandir allegedly to hand over a telegram at around 9:30 PM is false and the time of 10:30 mentioned by the newspapers is correct as it would take time for the 4 alleged assailants to reach Sai Baba's residence after receiving the telegram at 10:05.

2. Did the 4 Alleged Assailants Stab the 4 Aides of Sai Baba?

The inquest report on N. Radhakrishna and Sai Kumar Mahajan states that they were both found alive before 9:50 PM and 9:45 PM at the Super Specialty Hospital by the duty doctors (Vol. 1, Page 342 & 345).

The Hospital is 4 km away from Prasanthinilayam and it would have taken time to phone, get the ambulance, arrange 4 Intensive Care units, get the specialist doctors ready and take them to hospital and admit them for treatment.

Therefore the incident could have happened before 9:00 PM and the alleged 4 assailants could not have stabbed them as they reached Prasanthinilayam, Sai Baba's residence only by about 10:30 PM.

3. Were the 4 Aides Stabbed by Knives?

The post-mortem report of N. Radhakrishna (Vo1, Page 347) and Sai Kumar Mahajan (Vol. 1, Page 349) do not state that the stab injuries were anti-mortem while in the case of deaths of the four alleged assailants the doctors clearly state that the injuries are anti-mortem and they died of shock & hemorrhage due to fire arm injuries. (Vol. 1, Page 350 & 354)

The opinion in the post-mortem reports of the two aides of Sai Baba states vaguely (Vol. 1, Page 347 & 349) that the 4e ceased would appear to have died to shock & hemorrhage on a result of multiple injuries. This proves that the two aides did not die of stab injuries. Regarding the two aides who survived they have not been examined by the Government doctors the police, the Mandal Revenue Officer and the Pressmen were not allowed to see them at the time of admission in the hospital or later as none were allowed to meet them and they were kept under heavy security. (Vol. 2, Pages 53 & 194)

The inquest report also proves that N. Radhakrishna and Sai Kumar Mahajan did not die of stab injuries (Vol. 1, Page 343) because the Mandal Revenue Officer's inquest report does not mention of blood in the trousers of N. Radhakrishna while he was alleged to have been stabbed brutally on stomach (No. 2) on right side of the belly (No. 4), two stab injuries just 3" and 5" to the stomach injury (No. 7) 3" left to the injury of No. 2 a small stab injury (No. 8) 2" below the injury (No. 8) a small stab injury (No.9) two cut injuries on the back of the right thigh (No.15)

While Sai Kumar Mahajan (Vol. 1, Page 346) have been stabbed twice on the left nipple, on the left side of stomach, on belly and on left buttocks the pyjama had only blood stains.

The above records prove that they would have been stabbed later at the hospital, after the alarm was activated.

4. Did the police arrive at Prasanthinilayam before Commencement of the crime?

If the police had come after 10:30 the statement of Gangadhara Reddy to a question by Times of India, dated 9-6-1993 (Vol. 2, Page 74) and Deccan Chronicle, dated 10-6-1993 (Vol. 2, Page 81) that "when we saw the stabbed bodies of the Baba's personal aides lying in a pool of blood, two of them writhing in agony with blood gushing out, and upon realising that the attackers had gained access to the first floor; what else we could have done?" should be false. The crime did not take place on ground floor as stated in the F.I.R. What Gangadhar Reddy stated in the F.I.R. was that it is further learnt that all the 4 injured were shifted to the Super Specialty Hospital. Therefore if the 4 have been removed to the hospital before the police came, how could the CI see them lying in a pool of blood?

The Identification Report of the place of crime (Vol. 1, Page 339-341) does not speak about the ground floor as the place of crime except N. Radhakrishna's and Sai Baba's rooms. Moreover when the 4 aides were removed to the hospital by 9:00 PM or before, how did the Circle Inspector see the 4 aides of Baba in pool of blood in the ground floor? This proves that Gangadhara Reddy was in the Sai Baba's residence before 9:00 PM at the commencement of crime, or he is lying.

The Identification Report by Mandal Revenue Officer (Vol. 1, Page 339) only states that in Sai Baba's bedroom and in its front room there were clothes soiled with blood and other things were found.

This proves that the 4 alleged accused did not stab the 4 aides of Sai Baba in the ground floor nor in the bedroom of Sai Baba and N. Radhakrishna, as they came to the residence of Sai Baba only at 10:30 PM on 6-6-1993.

5. Then how were the 2 Aides of Sai Baba Murdered?

The Sai Baba on Guru poornima day 3-7-1993 talked about what happened on 6-6-1993 (Vol. 1, Page 366). When Sai Baba was not used to drink buttermilk in the night immediately after the dinner at 7:00 PM. Radhakrishna brought a tumbler of buttermilk and wanted Sai Baba to drink it. Sai Baba drank a little of the buttermilk and Radhakrishna drank the rest.

Radhakrishna also questioned Sai Baba whether Baba was afraid whether he may go out somewhere and talk to others. What was Sai Baba afraid of and did not want Radhakrishna go out but remain in his bedroom? Was he afraid that Radhakrishna would spill out that someone had tried to murder him with Potassium Cyanide in buttermilk? Or was he afraid that Radhakrishna would spill out the plan to murder the 4 alleged accused?

The Identification Report of the Mandal Revenue Officer (Vol. 1, Page 339)  states that on the western side of the mandir at the door which leads up to to Swami's dining room a plastic container with a label Potassium Cyanide Arforax (German make) was found. No one can smuggle Potassium Cyanide from Germany except through proper channel i.e., through universities and colleges for experiments or through Govt.

The police have not checked the purchase a/c. of the Satya Sai University and also the batch number and found to whom the poison was sold by the manufacturers in Germany.

As the stab injury of the two Sai Baba aides murdered are not anti-mortem they would have died of Potassium Cyanide poisoning administered by the cook and the other aide i.e., Vishnu Bhatt and Anil Patley.

Moreover this would have been done in secrecy and the bodies sent to the Super Specialty Hospital to be cremated in the Electric Crematorium so that they disappear from earth. This is confirmed by the fact that the alarm system was activated only at 10:30 PM and not earlier when the 4 injured aides were taken to the hospital.

1. When the 4 aides of Sai Baba were in the Super Specialties Hospital before 9:45 how could they object the 4 alleged assailants at 10:30 PM and how could the assailants stab the 4 aides?

2. Sai Baba would have ordered Chandraswanu his agent in smuggling to send a telegram to him and as Suresh Santharam Prabhu one of the alleged assailants was authorised by Sai Baba to receive letters and sign on his behalf it was handed over to him. And when the 4 alleged assailants went to Sai Baba's bed room to hand over the telegram they were to be murdered. Did the CB-CID check about the telegram? Post-mortem Reports on the 4 alleged assailants state that the bullets had been fired at 6" firing range and so the hair and skin had singed.

6. Who activated the Siren?

Sai Baba or the youth or the 4 alleged assailants?

The murder of the 4 alleged assailants also would have been a secret if their bodies were cremated in the electric Crematorium. But because they activated the Alarm the devotees gathered around the Sai Baba's residence. So the police help was sought to get out of the murder by a story explained in the F.I.R. to rescue Sai Baba. It is this alarm which forced Sai Baba to rush out of the place of crime so that he would not be accused of murder. Otherwise if the police had gathered information there would not have been the confusion about the youth or Sai Baba activating the siren.

7. Who Murdered the Four alleged Assailants?

1. The door of the Sai Baba's residence was locked from inside so that devotees gathered outside could not enter Baba's residence and know what had happened. The remand report of the Dpty. Supdt. of Police C.I.D., Cuddappah proves this. (Vol. 1, Pages 263-267)

2. The fact that the 4 alleged assailants did not have any weapons like knives and daggers is proved by the fact that their finger prints were not found on them and to make people believe that they had worn gloves, they had strewn the gloves around the dead bodies of the 4 alleged assailants which did not even have a speck of blood on the gloves. (Photos) It would also be impossible for them to remove the gloves after having been shot at point-blank which would have killed them immediately.

3. The knives or daggers are lying in an unnatural way near the dead bodies. It is also not known how they could have fought with two knives.

4. The statement in the F.I.R. that the assailants pounced upon HC 1129, PC 844 and PC 1302 and attacked them is false as the medical evidence speaks to the fact that only blunt objects were the cause of the lacerations (Vol. 1, Page 265). These lacerations would have happened when they climbed up to the first floor.

5. The Circle Inspector did not suffer any injury when the 4 alleged assailants opened the door while allegedly the CI's hand was in the hole made in the top plank of the door (Vol. 1, Page 265)

6. When the dead bodies of the 2 al1eged assai1ants were found in Baba's bedroom the statement of the CI that they pounced upon HC 1129, PC 844 and PC 1302 and attacked them with Knives and daggers is false. The bodies ought to have been outside the room, if they had pounced on the police who were outside the room and stabbed them. (Vol. 1, Page 265)

7. It is also stated that two assailants attempted to run from Baba's room to the next room and at that juncture PC 844, IS, Puttaparthi, HC 1129 and Gunman opened fire at Jagannatham & Suresh Santharam Prabhu. As per post-mortem Report Jagannatham sustained fire arms injuries on vital parts i.e., on left side of axilla and right side of inter-coastal area (Vol. 1, Page 353). Suresh Santharam Prabhu sustained fire arm injury on vital part i.e., on his right chest back (Vol. 1, Page 351).

After receipt of injuries on such vital parts at 6" fire range they would have been dead and in the place the dead bodies were lying in the next room there was no blood near the dead bodies. This proves that they were shifted from the place they were murdered to support the police version. If they were running to the next room the bullets would have been fired at the back and the bodies would have been outside the room. (Vol. 1, Page 265)

8. The dead bodies of assailants E.K. Suresh Kumar and K. Sai Ram were inside the bedroom of Baba in a pool of blood. If they had rushed outside the room and attacked the police as per their version in the F.I.R. their bodies ought to have been outside the bedroom as E.K. Suresh Kumar received gun-shot injury on the left eye area, on the right thigh and on the left wrist at 6" firing range and K. Sairam sustained fire injury on the left side of the neck. There would not have been any possibility for them to move after sustaining the above injuries. Their position does not indicate that they were attempting to attack the police while passing out of the door from inside. As such the police version that they rushed out of Baba's bedroom to attack police is false. (Vol. 1, Page 265) Also blood ought to have been outside the room.

9. It is seen that the assailant Jagannatham sustained a fire arm injury in his right palm (entrance wound). This proves that he would have requested the police not to shoot by showing his right palm and he did not hold any weapon and he did not wear the gloves. (Vol. 1, Page 265) If the knives we're held by him, police could not have fired on the right palm.

10. The assailants were shot at within the range of less than 6" and not while pouncing on the police and attacking them as claimed in the F.I.R (Vol. 1, Page 266 & Page 338)

11. When the police in F. I.R. allege that the 4 assailants were holding knives when they were shot at, the knives were not found in the claps of the dead bodies or on their sides but a little away. The position of knife is so unnatural that they do not appear to have fallen from their hands (Photo).

12. The firing sequence shows that it was done indiscriminately. No specific person was directed by the CI to open fire and it was a free for all situation in which as many as 31 rounds were fired in the incident. When the gunshots on the 4 alleged assailants were within a range of less than 6" flame range and the post-mortem report states that the total bullet injuries on the 4 alleged assailants were only 8, this indiscriminate gunshots prove that the police only enacted a drama of shoot out to prove their story in the F.I.R. There was no need for the police to indiscriminately fire 31 rounds when in reality there were only 8 shots to murder them within a firing range of less than 6". The mandal magistrate has also not recovered these bullets from the rooms and marked the places in the room.

13. If the 4 assailants were not murdered earlier before the arrival of the police, at 10:30 PM the police could have caught them as they were unarmed. The knives and daggers were placed near the bodies of the 4 alleged assailants to prove the story in the F.1.R. The police did not catch them alive because they were already dead before the police came.

14. Near the dead body of K. Sairam, Nylon thread was found and also blood stained sticks were found on sofa-set in Radhakrishna's room which were used for shifting dead bodies from Sai Baba's bedroom.

Now who murdered those six? The police have not cared to find who stayed in Sai Baba's residence especially on 6-6-1993. One of them is Col. Joga Rao and many of the students who were there before the commencement of the crime. We understand that there are more than 200 rifles in Sai Baba's residence. Fortunately one bullet from the body of Suresh Santharam Prabhu removed from the right lung is preserved. It was not from police rifles. Then from whose rifle? What happened to the other 7 bullets which pierced the body of the 4 alleged assailants and came out? The Identification Report does not speak of what happened to these 7 bullets and also the 31 bullets fired by the police.

So the court and government records prove that the 6 were murdered with Sai Baba's knowledge and orders. That if the alarm system was not activated by the 4 alleged assailants the story would have been that 6 surprisingly disappeared. With all these proofs, the Hon. Supreme Court should be bold enough to get published the confidential G.O. by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh closing the murder case along with the one hundred and odd photographs

CB-CID report of investigation by the Joint Director of CB-CID and the magisterial enquiry report and proceed according to law and prove that there is Law and Justice in India and our Law is above all. When the CB-CID were alleged to be investigating the murder; K.V. Reddy had no right to seize the photographs.

Later Gangadhara Reddy, the Circle Inspector of Police who was placed under suspension by the Police Department resigned from the Police Force and joined the Sai Baba Organization. This itself proves that Baba is indebted to him for his help to come out of the 6 murders.

"Nothing happens in this universe without my specific wish" is the claim of Satya Sai Baba as the "Sarva Daivatva Swaroopa". Though this is not a true claim, it is true that no one dares to do anything without the specific order of the Baba in his Sai Kingdom. If anyone dares, like in the Mafia, they disappear! The world would not have known about these six murders except for the activation of the siren by the four alleged assailants before they were also murdered as hundreds of devotees staying in the ashram complex rushed around Prasanthinilayam and it was impossible to cover up the murders stealthily.

The very fact that not a single inmate of Prasanthinilayam came out to give evidence to the magisterial enquiry commission and also to the CB-CID points how frightened they were. But there were many who could not be purchased like the Judicial First Class Magistrate, the doctors of the Government Hospital, Penukonda, and many other officers of the investigation team who were truthful to themselves to let us go through the post-mortem records of the earlier murders which have all been filed as suicides by the Puttaparthi police. We are very much disturbed that even our High Court and Supreme Court Judges and the politicians could be influenced by the Baba and get the Murder Case closed on a Confidential G.O.

While our Writ Petition was to get the murder case investigated by CBI it was dismissed on the grounds that we did not produce any proof! The proof was there that six were murdered in the Baba's bedroom and our petition was for CBI investigation! If the argument by the Judges in this case is accepted, no one could file a case as the petitioners would have to prove everything before the petition is admitted!

The cause for the murder starts with the sexual abuse of the students, the misappropriation of unaccounted funds flowing into the hands of the coterie, the financing of the coterie, changing black money into white and white to black through manipulations, murders of the devotees who see through these unlawful activities, the smuggling of the outdated weapons to the third world countries wherein the politicians profit much more than the cost which was spent by the Defense department and lastly through the smuggling of narcotics.

This would be thousand times more lucrative than the 8% bribes on the have to be brave to expose these unlawful activities if our country has to progress. purchases received by the bureaucrats and the politicians who rule us. Someone has to be brave to expose these unlawful activities if our country has to progress.

Otherwise our country would be looted by the people in position instead of using them for the basic needs of the 90% of the Indian citizens to make their life a little better. The way it is looted have been exposed by Tehelka in two of their investigations named Fallen Heroes and Operation West End", The third should be "what happens to the written off assets of the government including the defense purchases and the know how".

We have published the scanned copy of the delivery order for dispatch of 9 tons of Vibhuthi (Holy ash) from Palani to Puttaparthi. Nine tons cost Rs. 58,00O/- Sai Baba sells 100 grams of vibhuthi packed for Rs. 5/-. Outside in Puttaparthi it is sold for Rs. 10/- thus making a profit of Rs. 3.5 lakhs to Rs. 8 lakhs on a lorry load.

We have collected information on hundreds of such transactions in lorry loads like building materials, Grocery, bakery, from Nilgiris Bakery, Bangalore and ice-cream from Arun Ice-cream, Bangalore etc., which are transported without being entered in the Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh check posts.Also precision instruments from overseas packed in boxes and sealed, transported in container lorries as "steel scrap" without being entered in the check post registers of the states.

The A.P. state government, the central government, central excise and customs department, the law enforcement department, state CB- CID, C.B.I, CVC, Courts- all know what is happening in Sai Baba's Empire.

With Mr. Dora (the police officer who got the murder case closed on a confidential G.O made the CBI Director and the International Air port at Puttaparthi everything will be fool proof for Sai Baba to continue his nefarious activities.

This is Not the End


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