My Life As Sathya Sai Baba's Prophecy (Part 3)

Date: 05-22-07

By: Sathya (Satya) Purcell. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Many Sai Baba devotees around the world knew the Purcell family, Sharon, Gary and their son Satya (Sathya, Satch) Purcell.

Satya (Sathya) Purcell has recounted earlier that Sai Baba both predicted his birth and named him when he was born.

For over thirty years Sharon was devoted to Sai Baba and associated with renowned devotees such as the wealthy donors to Sai Baba's work, Walter and Elsie Cowan, and the first head of the 'Sai Organization of the Americas' (and Sathya Sai Organization), Dr John (Jack) Hislop

Sathya Purcell's account continues.

Sai Baba Covertly Grasped My Groin

My mother Sharon Purcell's 1993 private trip overlapped with the visit of our group of young men led by Hal Honig (who although almost elderly is now the head of the Sathya Sai Youth in the U.S.A.), and Sai Baba called her and me for interview.  As I stepped into the room, Sai Baba held the door open and pressed his other hand firmly into my groin area and in a very concealed way.  When my mother entered, he took his hand off my groin and made me sit on the floor next to him my arms laying across his thighs.  He spoke lengthily to my mother and me and, when we were walking out of the room, paused briefly behind the door. I knew in my heart that he was grabbing something to give my mother.

Sai Baba's 'Materialized' Healing Stone That Didn't Heal

He then casually - it came across as half-heartedly - 'materialized' a black egg-shaped stone that he said was a lingam.  He told my mother to put it in water and that the water would heal people - to say the very least. They died, and in other cases survived with great difficulty. Some sad examples spring to mind. But it is one of many. It is common for Sai Baba's to promise healing, and no healing occurs. Many devotees know only too well that this is true, but do not challenge - either him or their own belief systems, and the lack of questioning or speaking one's own true feelings is very great. There was a young female devotee who died of a brain tumor. The 'miracle' water did not help her at all. There was the son of prominent figures in the Sathya Sai Organization Ron and Bernice Mead. He received a severe brain injury, and not years of unlimited access to the lingam in the possession of his parents have changed his condition. In 2003, even though she lived a matter of minutes' walk to the Meads and had full access to the same water, my own mother, Sharon Purcell, died from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS/ Lou Gehrig's disease) just a month after her 60th birthday. Recollections keep coming - a young girl died of a brain tumor ... and so on it goes. And yet if ever there is a recovery, it is attributed to "Baba's intervention". If there is not, devotees say "It is all Baba's Will". Yet, there are many extraordinary remissions known to medical science. Obviously, the more followers a 'miracle worker' has, and Sai Baba has millions, the more this type of statistic is bound to kick in - whether with or without attribution to "Sai Baba's Grace".

Sai Baba Rubbed Some of Our Boys Genitals With Oil (1993)

A few of the men in our group told us that Baba materialized a container of oil and rubbed it on their genitals  This is an all to common occurrence at the ashram, as one discovers over time, and the rationalizations and justifications of Sai Baba's devotees show poor judgement. They fly straight in the face of ethics - and laws! - the world over. One of the guys in our group told Sai Baba:  No thank you. Good for him! But many do not, feeling that the one so many regard as God fully incarnate, or at least a great spiritual master, must know what he is doing - in some strange way.

Sai Baba, Masturbation and Oral Sex

There were no further sexual-type events that happened on our 1993 trip that I am aware of.  I have heard  other devotees' accounts of some VERY inappropriate sexual contact between them and Baba. So many educators have tried to educate the public that sexual abuse allegations (other serious abuse types , too) must be listened to carefully. This means not listening with a motivation to refute or to pick quarrel with details that may have become mixed up. For example, a sexual abuse professional would help disentangle a person's experiences. There would not be an almost carnivorous hunt for the slightest discrepancy in a person's account. Many nightmarish miscarriages of justice occur when the adversarial approach is taken - instead of a caring, sensitive professional one. Two males I know personally confirmed their stories to my mother and me, where one was masturbated to the point of ejaculation by Sai Baba's own hand and the other person, Mark Roche - who on the BBC television documentary The "Secret Swami" has told a small part of his very revealing experiences of Sai Baba over many years - related that, as a young man just into his twenties, he passively knelt while Sai Baba placed his penis in his mouth and eventually ejaculated in it. Well before he went public, he shared his account with my own Mother, which, along with other testimony that she sought out first hand, led to her ending over thirty years of deep devotion to Sai Baba. I am one more person, out of so many, who attests the fact that these accounts are by real people whom I personally know and, down the years, have had every good reason to believe.

Sai Baba Followers' Demonization of Those Who Testify

It is shocking to me that those who do not know them at all attempt to demonize and slander them, leaping at every opportunity to distort and falsify, without any attempt to understand the nature of traumatisation. Where is the compassion devotees so much refer to? In any morally and ethically sensitive organization, those making allegations have been provided with a proper, loving and compassionate process. The Sathya Sai Organization has extremely failed in this. The BBC brought this point out strongly in the part where its hidden cameras expose Dr Michael Goldstein. In a way that would not be tolerated of CEO's or other heads of organization, he showed extreme resistance to the notion of transparency and accountability, which The Secret Swami interviewer Tanya Datta raised.

It is incredible that those once loved and respected within the Sathya Sai Organization before they spoke out are now reviled. Others who have attempted to tell the truth about their gurus or other figures of power have received the same  sort of terrible treatment. The same contorted reasons are given for the guru's behaviour -  such as, "his ways are inscrutable", he touches genitals "to raise the kundalini power", "he was balancing their bad karma", he is "testing the devotees' faith', .....

To Be Continued Soon

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