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Topic: sathya sai baba - anti christ?
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Marswalker108 3078
07-08-2002 04:23 PM ET (US)

>>Has it ever occurred to you, that the boys with whom you have spent hours together, interrogating them 'are very consumate deceptors of truth or hallucinating or both?<<

Yes, I considered this about April of the yr. 2000 when I was faced with this scandal and some prominent devotees were resigning from the South Central (Sai) Region here in the USA. I was also told that I could not trust the Internet. That is why I got on the phone and made phone calls all over the world talking to victims, and parents and friends of victims. I was dertermined to find the truth. I talked to ADULTS who had been molested many years ago. What really influenced me was the pattern that emerged in many of the cases involved. First the oilings. Maybe just a probing or touching. Then finally the unthinkable--oral sex and masturbation. I even had one gentleman mention anual penetration. By the way, a very prominent national Sai leader did not deny the allegations when I interviewed her on the phone. She indicated that the boys must have a lot of karma and that SSB was only acting as a 'mirror reflection' to them. ( It is major scandal that the Sai leaders of the USA organization have covered up these allegations for decades!)
I had been in interviews with SSB in India, been a member of the study group on a regular basis for over 20 years, subscribed to the Sanatha Sarathi, attended many many Sai retreats in several states, and held an office of the first Sai center in Seattle. During that time I noticed many red flags that I rationalized away or put 'on a shelf' believing that answers would be forthcoming.

I know in my heart of making the correct decision to become an ex-devotee. I am a much more calm, happy, and balanced person since making that decision. I thank all those who have helped, including some who have posted on these boards for helping make the transition positive.

Best wishes, Dennis

Anita Goddard 3072
07-08-2002 03:14 PM ET (US)

To Dennis :-

Has it ever occurred to you, that the boys with whom you have spents hours together, interrogating them 'are very consumate deceptors of truth or hallucinating or both .

For argument sake,let us assume,that the boys were having a sexual experience with sb. I make it clear, it is an assumption not a fact.

It takes two person to indulge, in any 'sex act', as you have been describing over the years. If the boys/men were not consenting to such a act, it amounts to rape. Is it possible to be raped continuously, for years together? So, a mutual consent, could be the case or raped continuously.

In the case of minors, having sexual relationship, it is not only legally wrong, but morally as well. Under normal conditions itself, it requires lot of investigative work, with physical evidence, to convict sexual assault. But, in this case, it is virtually impossible. Given the standing of sb in India and his home state.

For the last one month or so, it has become apparent, that Hari Sampath, took the legal action, with available resources in hand.The result is, to address this 'sb' case in a forum which is appropriate, as the highest court in that land, does not feel, it should muddy its hand, rather the case can be argued under a similar article, in other legal arena.

'sb' is not convicted. 'sb' is not guilty. Only allegations are floating around.

There are many people who argue, so also, his miracles are subjected to sceintific investigation. 'sb' claims some things. Some investigate and feel convinced and believe him. Some people do not like 'sb' claims, but rather claim he is a 'molester', 'child molester', 'rapist' and so forth.

There are some of my friends who believe that 'sb' had sexual relationship, only because, of the mutual attractions? There some of my friends who believe, 'sb did all that because they wanted to have sex, and 'sb' became their paramour, he was serving them. There are some of my friends who disbelieve totally, all these allegations. And there are people like you and others here who believe 'sb' did molest, minors, boys, men.

Each one, has to believe,what they feel is truth.There are legal processes, spiritual processes, above all, their own consceince to answere for. I leave it at that.
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