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Date: 9/7/00 7:54 a.m.

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Hi everybody,

One of the many claims made about SB is that he's "above any political opinion and party", since he's the "Universal Avatar"... we know this is false, since SB is always strictly near to the ruling and powerful class of present and past times.

An article from "Calcutta Online - News Paper Sunday, March 14, 1999, Vol. III, 334 issue":


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Date: 9/9/00 5:24 p.m.

Sai Baba and politics 2

Hello everybody,


Here's an interesting article from "The Indian Express" newspaper:

Minister aborts an unofficial "miracle"

Swati Chaturvedi

NEW DELHI, February 6: It took barely 48 hours for Civil Aviation Secretary M.K. Kaw to clear an international cargo hub at the Sai Baba Trust-run airport at Puttaparthi in Karnataka. Kaw also directed that all help from the Government, including setting up a customs office, be provided to the private trust. Now, Minister of State Jayanthi Natarajan has decided that his order is "malafide'' and has set it aside. The matter is now with Cabinet Minister C M Ibrahim who has decided to hold the order in "abeyance''.
When contacted, Natarajan confirmed that Kaw's order had been overruled and the matter referred to Ibrahim. Kaw refused to comment.
In the process of clearance, Kaw has bypassed both the Ministers. The file mentions that ``the Ministers (C.M. Ibrahim and Jayanthi Natarajan) need not be bothered''. Kaw also set aside the mandatory techno-feasibility study despite, the concerned Joint Secretary noting on the file that the matter be referred to the Ministers for sanction. The sequence of eventswhich culminated in the clearance is revealing.

September 17: Sai Baba Trust applies to the Civil Aviation Ministry to set up an international cargo hub in Puttaparthi.

September 18: Joint Secretary directs that the matter be referred to the MoS and Minister. File placed before the Secretary.
Kaw overrules the JS and gives formal clearance on the "bare letter'' sent by the Trust. Regarding the reference to the two Ministers Kaw notes: "The Ministers need not be bothered''.

September 20: Natarajan received complaints. She calls Kaw who is "not available''. Natarajan directs that the Puttaparthi file be sent to her.

September 21: File sent to MoS. Irate Natarajan notes on file (a) "When did I delegate my authority to you (Kaw) (B) All airport proposals have to be referred to the Union Cabinet. (C) Why have you made full commitments on behalf of the GOI."

Copyright 1998 Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) Ltd.

Why does the Sathya Sai Baba Trust, a charity org, needs to set up an international cargo hub with customs office in Puttaparthi? :-) Maybe this was a dharmic way to set it up? It seems that the reestabilisher of dharma in the universe is not able to respect his own government's rules...


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