Sai Educare as a educational institution under the shadow of pederasty




Date: 11-18-02

By: Robert Priddy


That I find it necessary to warn most strongly against the establishment of so-called Sai Educare schools and colleges in any civilised country does not mean that I reject the ideals that motivate these activities, as far as those ideals reach. This is because they use the name 'Sai', referring to Sathya Sai Baba of South India (hereafter SB), who has a long doubtful reputation as a sexual abuser of young men and boys, including many of the students of his colleges.

I am well aware that many of those involved are good people with respect for excellent moral and social values. It makes it the more saddening that they remain so fundamentally misinformed and refuse to re-examine their own beliefs or study the evidence properly, That SB is openly admitted by many of his defenders involved in leading the 'Educare programme' to perform unasked for and unwanted molestations of the genitalia of young men, oiling and rubbing them, is a shocking fact. Such handling of genitalia without prior agreement even by a doctor - is an offence under the law.

This behaviour by SB was confirmed under intense media pressure - and only after many years of keeping it a secret - by leaders of the Sathya Sai Organisation. Leaders of the Sathya Sai Organisation, not least in Denmark and the Central Coordinator in Europe, Mr. Thorbjørn Meyer, have supported this form of molestation of young men and minors. Meyer wrote to me that it is "the age old Indian oil ceremony". There is absolutely no justification for it, however, and it is neither 'religiously’ nor ‘spiritually’ significant’, as some claim. No such 'age-old ceremony' can be documented anywhere (not surprisingly), and several experts on Hinduism have denied that any such practice is traditionally condoned. (Further documentation concerning 'genital oiling' can be viewed at and on T. Meyer and Co. see here.

On the contrary, such actions are known world-wide to be typical ways of initiating gradual homosexual and 'paedophile' seduction. This is also firmly backed up by dozens of accounts and a score of affadavits sworn under oath of more serious sexual abuse by Sai Baba. To support such actions is simply immoral. To try to forward education in the name of a person, Sathya Sai Baba (hereafter 'SB') is to risk that among the visiting 'teachers' Educare in Europe intends to invite from India, there will be ex-student victims of SB's long abuse, some of whom themselves came thereby to practice such abuses. Society will simply not tolerate it.


A peculiar instance of 'human values in action'

Mr Meyer wrote to me that Sai Educare, "is a non-profit foundation outside the Sathya Sai Organisation devoted to spirituality and universal human values". However, it still bears the name ‘Sai’. Sai devotees such as Mr. Meyer and his associates are the only people who organise the Educare programme. They all reject out of hand all the great weight of evidence by dozens of reliable people and many depositions sworn under oath of worse sexual molestation by SB (people who evidently would not want to confide personally in fanatical devotees and morally unprincipled deniers and attackers like Meyer, Pruzan, Piculell etc. of victims’ reputations.

On the strength of around $6 million, the Educare foundation was about to start a High School for youth at Arresdøl Castle, near Copenhagen. The project was made impossible by the healthy reaction of the local Danish public, causing the Educare leaders to withdraw from the contract of buying this prestigious castle and to shelve their plans for a college (until they find some other unsuspecting country in Europe). Despite the great showdown in Denmark, they later claimed it was Sai Baba who had decided against it!

In spring 2002, national Danish TV showed the critical exposé film 'Seduced' about Sai Baba, which included very convincing interviews with victims of Sai Baba's various molestations (including oral sex and attempted anal rape). Mr. Meyer refuted the claims of two victims of major sexual abuse by Sai Baba who gave accounts of their experiences. A young man who had been 16 years old at the time described most credibly Sai Baba's attempt at pederasty and his having to give oral sex under extremely powerful duress. A mature Swedish ex-follower also told of being forced into the oral sex relationship by Sai Baba and explained the circumstances of this and his disaffection in a convincingly natural and frank way. When asked about this and other claims, Mr. Meyer repeatedly insisted (like a mantra to ward off evil) that it was all 'undocumented'. As if statements made by courageous victims speaking up in the face of his own previous accusations of homosexuality etc. on film were not of any 'documentary' status. Since Sai Baba counts the Indian High Chief Justice Bhagwati, hundreds of high and circuit court judges plus the right-wing Hindu PM of India,Vajpayee, and many such among his followers, the victims have been unable so far to get the courts to accept their plea or examine the evidence! Mr. Meyer was pressed to agree to investigate the allegations by a TV journalist, which he agreed to do but has not done more than most perfunctorily, as his subsequent mail to me made very explicit. Incidentally, the 20 signed affidavits by victims, which most certainly do exist, were not made available to him as such, not least since merely seeing the signatures would make no difference to Mr. Meyer, who already knew a majority of the accounts involved. The security of certain the victims and their addresses etc. from libel and other actions is protected in such ways until they are to be presented in an Indian court again when the political climate may allow.

Covering up these facts and carefully keeping it all away from those (especially young men) who visit Sai Baba has taken place at least since the now deceased leader in the USA, Dr. J. Hislop, Dr. Goldstein, R. Bozzani, and others were informed of this and of worse sexual abuses early in the 1980s and circulated denials based solely on belief in SB to leaders in the Sai organisation. Mr. Robert Bozzani, a leading office-bearer in the SS Organisation, called the reported incident 'old hat' (i.e. ancient news) to one of his previous helpers in the USA.

Though ignorance of the law is no defence, Mr. Meyer has now definitively been informed that genital manipulation without the explicit prior consent of those touched, even by doctors, is an offence punishable by law. If he persists in in failing to inform those he directs to visit Sai Baba, especially young boys and their parents, of such practices, he and the office-bearers involved will become legally accountable for not fulfilling the duty of mandatory reporting.