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Sai Baba's October 1999 speeches


These speeches, given from 14 to 19 October 1999, are important for several reasons. The first one, as usual with SB, is that first he has said that "he wouldn't give discourses anymore". Let's read this account coming from Puttaparthi, which a friend has passed to me:

"[...] we were expecting Swami to take up the mike and to commence the Divine Discourse. But we were in a rude shock. Mr. Narasimhamoorthy, the warden of Brindavan college, took up make and started telling that he is standing before the devotees to make an important announcement as per Swami's command. He announced that 'Swami has decided that Bhagavan will not give discourse anymore during such occasions'. For the stunned devotees, it took a longer time to understand the significance of the announcement. Swami cooly started walking back His residence along the lines of Lady devotees, even without accepting Aarathi [worshipping ritual offered to divinities, Author's Note]. The Pundit in a hurry followed Swami and offered Aarathi in the midway. Mr. Narasimhamoorthy also mentioned that he would not know what Swami tries to teach us by this decision."

(this happened on 13 October 1999, Puttaparthi's Dasara Festival days)

After having said so Sai Baba gave speeches, for what is known, on 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 October: another clear example of personal consistency of "God incarnated". What is more fun, is that we'll see he has given a speech (the first of the series) in which he says that he doesn't want to speak anymore; then he gives four more speeches. Obviosuly SB was aware to have shot a too much big one, since without his discourses his entire devotional display would be broken in pieces. Devotees are literally dependent on what he says during these occasions, as well as the most part of Sai literature is made up with material coming from his public speeches.

Another important aspect of these speeches is that they show a sharp decline in the quality of SB's discourses. These speeches are nothing but a raw bunch of sanskrit concepts drawn from the usual Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, etc., mixed up with myths and stories from indian scriptures, and a parrot-repeating of teachings (even wrong ones) already heard so many times. The style is discontinuous, jumping here and there from an argument to another, without no connection of sense. It seems that SB's oratory abilities are lacking, maybe due to age. The same Sai Baba's pshysical aspect and gait are declining, becoming similar to those of a normal human old man; this despite SB's claim that he would be young in aspect even in advanced age.

Nevertheless those speeches contain some interesting points, mainly those of 14, 15 and 16 October. The general trend seems to be an increasing of SB contradictoriness and faulty statements, together with an admission of failure of his teachings and some new vague promise of future wonders. But surely the main issue, on 15 October speech, is an antidemocratic and someway dictatorial turn on SB's speaking, along with some nationalistic yet pathetic statements, on 16 October.

Let's see in detail, have a good reading. The numbers in colour refer to a comment of the related passage.

CLICK HERE if you want to download all mentioned Sai Baba's speeches.

Excerpts from Sai Baba's speech of 14-10-99

"I have been giving discourses for the past 60 years, but you are not making any effort to put into practice at least a few of the teachings. Students are like gold. Their hearts are suffused with sacred feelings. Their behaviour also should be in consonance with their feelings. Man will be ruined if his behaviour is not on the right lines. It is not only the students, even the teachers and administrators are not coming up to the expectations. No doubt, they have immense love for Swami, but the same love is not expressed in the form of gratitude and Sadhana. It is rather surprising, even to Me, that for the past few days I did not feel like speaking at all. As there was no marked change in you, I thought there was no point in continuing to speak to you. Hence I have decided to confine Myself to a few words. What do you expect Me to speak? I have already taught all that ought to be taught. There is nothing more to convey. I am pained to see that all My teachings have gone in vain and all My sweet words have become tasteless to you. Ego is on the rise in devotees. Pomp and show has become the order of the day. [...] Devotees are not grateful for the love and grace showered on them by Swami. They pose themselves as great people to the world at large. There is no greater sin than this. [...] (1)

Students! Many of you are feeling bad, thinking that Swami is upset with you and is not talking to you. I do not have even a trace of anger or dislike towards the students or the elders. I consider students as My very life. In such a case how can I be upset with them? But I do not wish to talk to anybody, because I do not want to belittle My own words. I feel it is better not to speak than speak and lose the value of My words. I will speak to you only when you start giving due respect to My words. There is no point in feeling bad that Swami is not talking to you. Make efforts to attain the deservedness, so that Swami would talk to you. I have taught you on innumerable occasions, but have you made any sincere attempt to practise at least one of them? When you do not give up evil tendencies like hatred, jealousy, pomp and show, how do you expect Swami to talk to you? [...] You have no right to stay in the Ashram if you do not obey Swami's command and understand His love and Divinity. No benefit accrues to you if you merely stay here without putting Swami's teachings into practice. [...] you do not understand the value of Love and Grace showered on you day in and day out. You merely waste your time by indulging in mean actions like slander and complaining against each other. Slander is the worst of sins. Do not criticise or abuse others. The Upanishads have declared that man is highly valuable. But man is losing his respect and honour. Man alone is to be blamed for this. [...] (2)

You do not know, so many great things are going to take place. Every thing seen, heard or felt will turn sacred. All this is going to happen soon. Do not miss this sacred opportunity and waste it. Once lost you will never again get it. Once obtained you will never lose it. [...] (3)"


Excerpts from Sai Baba's speech of 15-10-99

"In Latin Language, human body is associated with the terms 'sacredness' and 'purity'. The Upanishads proclaim that the human life is highly respectable. [...] The whole world is permeated with magnetic energy. Green pasture attracts the cow. Flower attracts the honeybee. Mother attracts the child. You are unable to understand the magnitude of this attraction power and are taking it for granted. There is power of attraction between human beings, birds, animals and even insects. The world cannot exist without magnetic power. For a long period of time, the scientists were under the mistaken notion that magnetic power is the same as atomic power. Only of late they have recognised the difference between the two. This magnetic power is present in the human body from top to toe. There are innumerable unseen powers present in man. They are known as transcendental powers (Atheeta Shakti). Scientists know that energy, which is infinite and unfathomable, can neither be created nor destroyed. Since times immemorial, man has been investigating into the nature of this energy. They have come to the conclusion that the whole world is based on Psychotronic power, which is also termed as Bioplasmic power. This is present in every cell and every vein of the human body. Human mind cannot comprehend the nature of this power. This power is also called Ajnatha Shakti, that which is not known. All these powers are not visible to the naked eye. (1)

Very often scientists refer to the two terms - matter and energy, but truly only energy exists. Whatever appears as matter also becomes energy in due course of time. None can describe the glory and grandeur of this transcendental power. [...] It is impossible to say when, where and how this power will manifest itself. Merely listening to the glory of this power may not evoke interest in you. You will understand only when you experience it. This is the super human divine power. Very soon you are going to witness it. (2)

You may have read the news item in a newspaper this morning that Swami is not speaking because of students. It is sheer nuisance. It was specifically mentioned, very incorrectly, that Bangalore students are responsible for Swami desisting from speaking. By publishing such a wrong news item, the image of Bangalore students has been tarnished. No student has ever troubled Swami in any way. In fact they have been pining for Swami incessantly. The relation between me and students is heart to heart, and prompted by selfless love. Even such wrong information flashed in the internet so much so that Goldstein [one of the most important managers of the Sathya Sai Trust, Author's Note] from America, being greatly agitated, contacted Prasanthi Nilayam to find out the Truth. He was very much relieved to know the truth. Do not believe in such false propaganda. I do not trouble anyone and none can trouble Me. All our students are good. Such good students should not be put to disrepute. Unknowingly they may commit a few mistakes, but no one has ever troubled Swami. No one should come in between the noble heart of Swami and the sacred minds of the students. Some of the elders sitting in the Verandah [the place of honour in the temple, fo elder devotees and VIPS, Author's Note] are indulging in gossip; it is finding its way into the internet. Anyone found talking in the Verandah should be sent out immediately, whosoever it may be. All those who give misleading information about what Swami tells them in the interview room should also be thrown out. I will never call such people for interview again. Only those who observe silence are good people. Silence fosters purity. Therefore observe silence at all times. It is a waste of time if you carry tales about others. What have you come here for? Vain gossip causes harm to many. So refrain from indulging in it. Ignorance is on the rise with the progress of science. Truly speaking science has not matured. Man has become senseless. All the trials and tribulations faced in this world are due to the so-called development in science and technology. It is not technology but it is 'tricknology'. Do not become a slave to such technology. Uphold truth and righteousness. Cultivate love and experience divinity. Students, do not harbour any undesirable thoughts. Do not get perturbed by such misinformation campaigns. Swami is always with you. He has been showering His love and grace on you. You too have immense love for Swami. Attain Swami through love. You cannot attain Swami through any other path but love.

Swami has nothing to do with internet. Not only now, even in future also you should not indulge in such wrong activities. This 'disease' has its roots in cities and is spreading like wild fire into villages polluting the village environment. Villages are the epitome of peace and love. Do not spoil the village atmosphere by imitating the city culture. Bliss will prevail in the world only when you develop peace and love. Do not give scope for ill feelings and worthless talk. You can even reprimand the elders who indulge in mean talk. Tell them to behave in a manner that befits the status as elders in the society. They should prove themselves as elders in conduct and not by age. Self-respect leads to self-satisfaction, which will in turn leads to self realisation. It is a shame that people who come here for self realisation indulge in something contrary.

Our relationship is only heart to heart and love to love, nothing else. Swami is love personified. Swami gives importance to love and nothing else. Do not give any value to mean and meaningless talk. Past is past. Now onwards, receive the divine love and divine energy emanating from Me and experience the bliss derived therefrom. (3)


Excerpts from Sai Baba's speech of 16-10-99

[...] Understand the pristine purity of Bharat. [...] Bharat is the country which radiates light to the rest of the world. There is no country, which is more sacred than Bharat. Words are inadequate to describe the glory of Bharat and the fortune of those who are born in this sacred land. Having been born as Bharatiyas [i.e. Indians], there can be no greater misfortune than to lament that you are poor, weak and helpless. You need not feel sorry if you have not acquired education or money. Be proud that you are born in this sacred land. To be called a Bharatiya is in itself a great qualification. [...]

Students! What is the use of acquiring various degrees like B.A and MBA if you lead the life of a black sheep? You are Bharatiyas, that is your greatest qualification. Live up to it. Who is a 'Hindu'? H stands for Humility; I for Individuality; N for Nationality; D for Divinity and U for Unity. He is a true Hindu, who is endowed with these five sacred qualities. It is rather surprising to Me that people, having been born in this sacred land, crave to go abroad in search of greener pastures. One should serve one's own motherland. [...] (1)

For the past 60 years, the overseas devotees have been requesting Swami to come to their respective countries. On many occasions, they brought special planes. Even now they have chalked out a programme for Swami to make a world tour. But I have no such desires. That which is not present in Bharat is not present anywhere else. What is there to see in a foreign land! Instead, try to have the vision of your own Self. Stop questioning others, 'who are you'? Ask yourself, 'who am I'? You will certainly get the right answer. Today many students are going abroad to amass riches. Even some of the parents are encouraging their children to go abroad. I do not say that you should not go abroad. If you want to see foreign lands, you can always do so. But wherever you are, you should uphold your culture. You should crave for divine love, not for money. (2)





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