Sai Baba called her and couldn't cure Dorothy


Date: 12-08-05

From: Tony O'Clery



Unfortunately for sb this is all documented by his favourite author Murphett. sb told Valmai Worthington to tell the 'Pink Twins' from Australia to be cured of their arthritic knees by him. He even told them to cancel their appointments for knee replacement surgery.

They came, he circled his hands over the knees, with coloured vibhuti and then walked her around to show a cure. She could manage to walk a little anyway, but in pain.

I was a member of the SWARA centre - where Dorothy and her sister worked -, for the years 1986 and 1987, with partial year attendances through to 1992, after that my Australian attendances were in the Sydney Centres only, and I was the secretary of the Vancouver sai centre and was well known in Canada



On February 3, 2002, a Peace Pole was planted at Sunshine Welfare and Remedial Association (SWARA) in Brisbane, Australia by SWARA founders Dorothy and Moyia O’Brien and other Sai Baba devotees.

The two sisters – known as the “Pink Twins” for their matching pink colors – established SWARA for those disabled in accidents.

The Australian ‘pink twins’ continue to use wheel chairs, in spite of Sai Baba’s claims of healing them and their claims of being healed. (David Bailey in 'The Findings')On February 14, a World Peace Prayer Ceremony was held at the new Peace Pole by 50 disabled residents and local students. WPPS Director Deborah Moldow delivered a keynote speech on “Inner Peace as a Path to World Peace” at the World Goodwill Symposium held on November 17, 2001 in New York.

My friend lived with them, and my children knew them both as well.

So it was more than a passing acquaintance. There is even a photo of me working as a volunteer there. It was sent to India, perhaps it is in the book with all the others.

Well folks that was it, next time in Oz I saw her at the 'Wayside Chapel' in Sydney she was uncured for all to see.

sb is worse than the sunday morning tv frauds.

Remember most get an energy boost psychosomatically at these mass healing etc, and it lasts about 5 minutes. sb preyed on that and he claims to be God so cannot make a mistake even ONCE or he is a fraud.



"Even he with the worst karma who ceaselessly meditates on me quickly loses the effects of his past actions.'' (Sai Baba...FFWG p.257)

"The omnipresent omniscient omnipotent Sai knows the past and present and future of everyone..." "There is no ailment which he cannot cure, he does cancel the residues of karma..." (Sai Baba... FFWG p.137)


My family knew the 'Pink Twins' and loved them well. We were quite upset to find out that sb had cruelly misused, conned, and mislead these devoted twins just for a bit of extra propaganda for his rotshram. It was probably one of the most despicable acts perpetrated by this pedophile, murderer, embezzler and fraud. It was unconscienable to call them to India to perpetrate this cruel hoax. It shows the demonic tendencies of this palpable fraud.

He used the work they did at SWARA, to bask in reflected glory and con more people into his spider's web of deceit. Except for villagers in India most devotees these days are naive or mentally challenged in some way, except of course for those that have sympathy with his pedophilia or a milking money and name at the centers.

Howard Murphet's opening words in his book, 'my growing public around the world', p iii; show that his own ego was at play. He already had said he wanted to be like Somerset Maugham. So Howard in his blind, bereaved, depressed, deluded state is no example of logical and clear thought unfortunately. Right from the start with his propaganda book full of lies 'Man of Miracles', Howard was always interested in Howard and his writers reputation. Many writes
write sb books for that's all they can get published, most are frustrated writers full of ego and fantasies.

The fact remains Dorothy was in a wheelchair in 1993 and still up to her death in 2003 as indicated by her sister and ABC..

You will notice in this page from a tv interview that Dorothy is still in a wheelchair. No cure from sb the cruel lying molesting fraud. (Not available anymore? Click here!)

From Murphet's book, 'Sai Inner Views and Insights', ch..'Dorothy's Knees'..p116-120. Leela Press...1996.

(It is also on an Ashram Video showing sb walking Dorothy out to the crowd of devotees to show the great 'cure' he had achieved.)

"Dorothy was given a chance to have knee replacement in Brisbane but sb said this... 'No Swami replied... No operation."

Valmai asked him again. 'Swami I want to make sure I understand you correctly about Dorothy's knees. The surgeon says she must have an operation. Please tell me again what you said about that?

Swami replied, quite decisively "No operation I will operate, I will cure her." So being happy about this Dorothy cancelled the surgery after being on the waiting list in Brisbane. She was in Australia at the time but made the painful trip to India for her 'cure'.

The whole thing was a psychological adrenalin show and on return to Australia she found she wasn't cured at all... sb used her for temporary propaganda purposes after they had devoted their lives to him at SWARA.

I knew the sufferers of 'True Believer Syndrome' would be out ranting in their delusions. So here is the breakdown.

1. sb told Valmai Worthington to invite the Pink Twins to the Ashram for a cure of Dorothy's arthritic knees. He told them to cancel the knee replacement surgery as he would cure them.

2. Dorothy used a wheelchair and walking sticks. She could walk a few step anyway.

3. sb using coloured vibhuti tablets made circling motions over the knees. Then said he couldn't make a full cure due to karma. (He calls himself the king of karma so why he would say that I don't know).

4. She was excited and full of adrenalin and probably pain killers, so the walked out to the crowd like a sunday morning benny hinn healing, to show everybody how omnipotent he was.

5. She returned to the sticks and wheelchair, and was seen by thousands during the 90s in that state.

6. In 2003 hundreds of thousands perhaps millions saw her in the wheelchair on TV, and her sister Moiya saying she wished she didn't have to be in a wheelchair. Moiya by the way refused all help and healing from sb, saying that it was for Dorothy as she was much worse.

7. The only contradiction to this comes from a blind and virtually confined to the house failed writer called Howard Murphet. Who complains continually about not being Somerset Maugham.

8. The obvious personal and video tv evidence contradict this poor deluded man.

Murphet also wrote 1996 p120:

"I have witnessed cases where Swami has made cripples walk, but I did not find out what happened to them afterwards. But since the O'Brien twins are among our closest friends, I can bear witness that the lovely Dorothy O'Brian is still walking without the aid of a wheelchair or crutchs three years after her healing."

But Murphett also wrote p iii.- Inner Views and Insights:

"To explain this I must say a few words about my eyesight. 'For the past half dozen years it has been so impaired that I am unable to read or write.' "

So Howard couldn't see, he was blind and couldn't read or write.

At the public meeting at the Wayside Chapel, known as the Noffery after the Rev Ted Noffs, Dorothy O'Brian finished speaking and couldn't walk far. She walked very slowly with people each side of her just across the room to the hallway where she had to sit down. It was here that I got her the glass of orange juice and she told me and others she wasn't fully cured and it would be gradual. This was all in public view and within the so called 3 years... 

Sometimes people whose knees have been destroyed by arthritis, and the cartelidge has gone, can get some relief by losing a lot of weight and taking heavy pain killers etc. My sister has the same problem and is going in for a double knee replacement, thankfully free here in Canada or Australia. Dorothy was still under normal medical care in Queensland. As I have said she could always walk a few steps unaided, then she would need walking sticks, those non straight type, and when she was exhausted a wheelchair.

This puts the lie to sb and 'True Believer Syndrome' to poor misled and conned Dorothy, what a reward for all the work she did in that fraud's name....

Would those devotees suffering from the cognitive disfunction commonly known as 'True Believer Syndrome', please explain why she always needed her wheelchair if sb had cured her...

No, not one of sb's defending devotees have explained why Dorothy needed a wheelchair from the time of the so called cure right up to when she died. A ten year period in front of umpteen numbers of people, and on video and TV.

There are claims that she was walking around for 3 years as cured. This is not true, she was using her walking sticks etc and in a wheelchair, when tired. I don't know what kind of meds she was taking either, although she was under a doctors care for the condition still. There was no time of remission at all. She could always walk haltingly for a short time anyway... There was never any remission.

Yet sb didn't promise only a (3 years) break of her illness (which she didn't get anyway), but a complete cure. Even telling her to cancel her surgery as he would fix her and she would never need crutches and wheelchairs for the rest of her life.

I personally saw her in company of several dozens of people two years later in front of many people and she wasn't cured at all, besides I talked to her during that 3 years. She told me the healing would be gradual; well she died before it graduated.

Moiya, told me that she didn't want sb to cure her as Dorothy was worse. Dorothy suffered from 'True Believer Syndrome', as devotees do these days and couldn't face the fact that she may have wasted a lot of energy in her life believing in a fraud. Even to the exent of not believing her own disabled body, hadn't been cured...