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Date: 01-13-02

Document date: Monday, December 31 2001 at 16:01:44

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Country : To Dear All

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Dear All,

We have posted the names of some of us ex students and staff members (both past and present) of SSSHSS (secondary level) and SSSIHL (university level).

Many people have doubts whether the names are genuine. They are all names of people who were students or staff members since the inception of sai baba's colleges till the most recent ones.

The list includes the names of some who are dead (E.K.Suresh Kumar, N. Radhakrishnan, Yuvraj Suri). But the fact is that they were all molested by sai baba .

Please understand our plight; we have given our youth, happiness, normal life, our homes and parents for the sake of sai baba without questioning even once.

In the end we find that we have been cheated because he just wanted to use our bodies to have perverted sex with us.

We have to live with this trauma.We don't want any help but want devotees to NEVER send their children to sai baba's schools or colleges for whatever reasons.

If you don't have money, it's better for your loving children not to study; keep them with you, but don't leave them to sai baba. That will ruin their lives and they will never be able to tell you the truth.


On an average sai baba molests about 1-5 students every day.

Some are molested only once or twice, while the rest are regularly molested. They are called the FORM BOYS. All the staff members who matter know this fact.

So this list is just the tip of the iceberg of shame. You can imagine how many students have been molested till now and still being molested every day.

We are posting these names and will post more, so that we can be helped.

Parents and relatives should understand our plight. We are all broken down; many have committed suicide, our married lives are devastated.

Yet due to socio-economic reasons we can never come out in the open and sign a statement or a declaration, at least not yet, because we know that the government, the law, the media barons, the police, big industrial houses, all political parties are under the influence of sai baba.


All the staff members of the Primary School, SSSHS (secondary) and SSSIHL (university) are very much aware of what happens to students in the interview room because many have themselves been molested earlier. But they know that if they raise the issue, they will be just asked to quit. Many have families and may never be able to get such jobs and power in the outside real world, so most of them have benefited economically.

Many staff members are running lucrative businesses including real estate, hotels, guesthouses etc., apart from their teaching responsibilities.

They feel they have nothing to lose; after all the boy who is getting molested is not theirs.

But we are sure sooner or later things will change because such staff members are assisting and abetting a confirmed paedophile (sai baba) in finding fresh victims and ruining their lives. In fact they can be charged with being a party to assisting sai baba in his homosexual and paedophilic acts. These are both punishable offences as per Indian Penal Code. This may include the vice-chancellor, registrar, director, controller, various departmental heads of SSSIHL (university), the principal and staff of SSSHSS (secondary level) as well as the headmistress and staff members of the Primary School.


The present lot of students who are studying belong to a generation that is ready to do anything for money, for a professional or a normal degree.

They are all aware what could happen to them in the interview room, but they have a nonchalant attitude. They feel that to gain something you should be ready to loose something.

Many take it as a joke having a few quick ones with the old sai baba.

After all they are getting trinkets like rings, chains, watches, money, trips to Ootacamund or Kodaikanal, name, cheap popularity, free education and a degree as a bonus.

After that those who play their cards well do not find it difficult to land an easy job with a good salary in the many companies owned by the devotees in India or overseas.

So the students are well aware of what is happening. Many are not able to open their mouths due to peer pressure or family. Some are from economically weaker backgrounds and can never afford such education anywhere else. Moreover, the routine at the hostels is such that one has no time to think or analyse.


In India most of the industrial houses know that sai baba is a very refined powerbroker, so they all pay respects and their jobs are done with the government.

After all a few million rupees is nothing to them. Everybody knows the names of such industrialists and they can be seen in most of the functions.

The same holds good for foreign tycoons. What is important is money.

Some ex-students who made it by entering the lucrative real estate business in Puttaparthi include: Ajay Ankam Radhakrishna Reddy (younger brother of Ram Mohan Rao, lecturer in SSSHSS).

Sai baba is a major shareholder in a large state of the art garment unit next to Brindavan, owned by the Mirpuris of Indonesia. The elder son Haresh Mirpuri, an ex student, manages the same.

The list is very long, but that is not the purpose of these notes. It is all about money you see!


Too much has been written about that dark night. Many know the truth but keep quiet. Since sai baba cannot be questioned, those who are interested in finding the facts can contact either Piyush Kumar Srivastava, an ex-student who is supposed to have saved sai baba that night and lives at Puttaparthi, or Mr Dora, the longest reigning director general of police of Andhra Pradesh.

Their parents had trusted sai baba and sent their sons for studies and a good character to his institutions. We are sure no mother or father would have known that they were sending their sons to their death.

N. Radhakrishnan, E.K.Suresh Kumar, Sai Ram, Sai Kumar Mahajan, all ex-students were victims that night. More about this later.



1.N.Radhakrishnan 2.T.Nityanand Menon 3.Kamal Sahni 4.Anoop Jhalani 5.Rakesh Vadehra 6.Kiran B.Patel 7.Naveen B.Patel 8.Roopak Changkakoti 9.C.Srinivas 10.E.Sudarshan 11.Naren Ramji 12.Sonam Gyantso 13.Roopak Sharma 14.Nikhil Hegde 15.Ganesh Kamath 16.D.Murlidhar 17.R.Gopichandran 18.E.K.Suresh Kumar 19.Diwaker Muthu Krishnan 20.Naresh Kumaran 21.Neil Bordoloi 22.Terry Lee Scott 23.G.Ranganayakulu 24.Ashok Agraharam 25.P.V.S.Suresh Kumar 26.Tapan Bhatt 27.Narayan R. Sharma 28.K.Devsen 29.K.Anil Kumar 30.Mallikeshwaran 31.T.Arivadithan 32.T.Arul Selvanathan 33.T.Arunodayan 34.Shiva Shankar Sai 35.Shiva Sai Raman Kumar 36.G.V.Ravishankar 37.G.V.Sanjay 38.Gautam Dutt 39.Bharat Dutt 40.Basab Sur 41.Anand Sur 42.Hridesh Gupta 43.V.Kumar 44.S.Kumar 45.R.Ramakrishnan 46.Abhishek Kumar Dubey 47.Abhinav Kumar Upadhya 48.Anil Mehta 49.Lakshminarayan Kote 50.Raj Kumar Jain 51.Ruchir Desai 52.Sanjay Sahni 53.Ravi Narayan 54.Dilip Narayan 55.Jayant Narayan 56.Jagdish Chawla 57.Bhishma Chawla 58.Ratnakar Chawla 59.Dheeraj Sembhi 60.R.Ravi Kumar 61.Sunil Narang 62.Haresh Mirpuri 63.Gaurav Khanna 64.Rishi Seth 65.Gautam Seth 66.Kush K.Patel 67.Raj K.Patel 68.Jagdish H.Bharwani 69.Sunil H.Bharwani 70.Naveen H.Bharwani 71.Vimal Mukhi 72.Gopinath Prakash 73.Rishi Bharadwaj 74.T.M.Dhanrajan 75.T.M.Unnikrishnan 76.Sayyed Kabir 77.Anil Kaul 78.Vinod Kaul 79.Abhimanyu Kaul 80.Arun Dhareshwar 81.Ravi Teja 82.Nimish Pandya 83.Mayur Pandya 84.Dharmesh Pandya 85.Krishna Rao 86.Ramapathi Rao 87.Dante Gabriel 88.Piyush Srivastava 89.R.Sai Giridhar 90.Manish Sharma 91.Gagan Manchanda 92.Anuj Mehta 93.Ravi Mariwala 94.C.A.Srinivas 95.Anmol Choubey 96.Narendra Nath Prabhu 97.Vijay Balan 98.Vijay Raghavan 99.Sunil Jain 100.Swapan Pradhan 101.Rohan Patnayak 102.Subhashish Dow 103.Rajesh Mimani 104.Rahul Kini 105.Ranjit Kini 106.Jeevraj 107.C.Ramprasad 108.C.Krishnaprasad 109.Sanjeev Popat 110.Sirish Rahalkar 111.Lui Muniz 112.Deepak Khialdas 113.Rajan Parashar 114.Vivek Mehta 115.Amar Vivek 116.Rajiv Kaushik 117.Santosh Pai 118.Vinod Pai 119.Vipin Nair 120.Y.V.Rama Rao 121.Khemchand N.Thadani 122.S.Pradeep 123.Anindya Dasgupta 124.Ajit Periw 125.S.R.Venkatesh 126.Mahesh Chablani 127.Girish Punja 128.K.Nand Kumar 129.Praveena 130.Yuvraj Suri 131.Shailesh Srivastava 132.Pratap Chandran 133.R.Narendran 134.K.Vinod 135.S.R.Mahendra 136.K.S.Umesh 137.Shankar Pai 138.Sadashiv Pai 139.Ajnish Rai 140.Venkatesh Iyer Srinivasan 141.Udian Patel 142.Uchil Uday 143.Uday Bhaskar Turlapati 144.T.Maheedhar 145.Shantanu Das Mohapatra 146.Shyamkumar Raja 147.Sai Latha Shankar L. 148.R.Ravishankar 149.Krishna Gopinathan 150.Kiron Vaghela 151.K.R.Narayana 152.Ajitesh Kishore 153.Dhurjati M.S.K. 154.Arun Kumar Tewari 155.Amit Mehrotra.

Date : Saturday, December 29, 2001 at 15:12:31

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Dear present and past sai students and parents,

We are making an effort to save as many students from the hands of sai baba as can be possible.

Only students, past and present can understand the trauma we have gone through and that you may be passing through.

To parents an earnest request is to talk to your boy and try to understand him and what he may be going through. Please let not your young son be molested by sai baba for the sake of your devotion. Admit him to some normal school or college.

Please feel free to contact us for positive help and understanding. You students can express your views freely at our email id or on the discussion board at 

Date : Wednesday, December 19, 2001 at 14:34:04

Name : Victims of Sai Baba & his Pedo Gang

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To all parents Don't send boys/girls to baba.

Note: There are many paedophile students and  staff members of Sai Baba; some have left while others are around Parthi and Brindavan for fresh victims. A few are listed below for your reference. You can confirm the list from victims.

List of Paedophiles of Sai Baba:

1.Diwaker Mutthu Krishnan (Stays at Hope Farm, Whitefield) 2.EK Suresh Kumar(Died in so called attack) 3.Sunder Iyer 4.Devsen 5.Mallikeswaran 6.Anil Kumar 7.Sai Giridhar 8.Piyush Kumar Srivastava 9.Bhishma Chawla 10.Narahari 11.Raj Kumar Jain 12.Haresh Mirpuri 13.Ratnakar Chawla 14.Ruchir Desai

There are many, many more who have destroyed hundreds or thousands of lives forever; victims of sexual molestation by sai baba and his pedo gang.

Date : Wednesday, December 19, 2001 at 14:10:25

Name : Victims of sai baba; Diwaker, Devsen, Sai Giridhar, EK, Sunder, Sonam, Mallikeswaran, Narahari and other..., Bheeshma Choula Rajkumhar Jain, RamMohanRao

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Topic: Sexual Molestation of Students by Sai Baba:

Date : Sunday, December 16, 2001 at 14:36:15

Name : anxious parent

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Comments : Please leave the young boys alone sai baba and your paedophile gang.

You have ruined our sons' lives.

Date : Saturday,  December 15, 2001 at 15:12:31

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Comments : Dear present & past sai students & parents. 

We are making an effort to save as many students from the hands of sai baba as can be possible. Only students,  past & present can understand the trauma we have gone through & you may be passing through.

To parents an ernest request is to talk to your boy & try to understand him & what he may be going through. Please let not your young son be molested by sai baba for the sake of your devotion. Admit him to some normal school/college. 

Please feel free to contact for positive help & understanding. You students can express your views freely at our email id or the discussion board at

Date : Sunday, December 02, 2001 at 15:04:41

Name : Rumourmonger

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There is this guy Sanjeev Popat who owns a tyre shop in Hyderabad. His father is a well-known seva-dal volunteer who takes care of Shivam (a major Sai Centre)at Hyderabad.

Sanjeev Popat claims that Sai Baba used to frequently have oral and anal sex with him while he was a student at Parthi. Sanjeev Popat is the chick or boyfriend of a well-known tabla player sai-student of Parthi, a guy called Abhinav Kumar Upadhya, who lives in Mumbai and plays tabla for the gazal singers Jagjit and Chitra Singh. Sai Baba regularly used to have oral as well as anal sex with Abhinav Kumar Upadhya.

In one such oral sex sessions Sai Baba injured Abhinav Kumar Upadhya's penis while sucking it. Anybody who does not believe the above facts can contact them and verify the truth for himself or herself.

Date : Saturday, December 01, 2001 at 13:10:09

Name: Sexual Victims of Piyush Kumar Srivastava

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Comments : Sai Giridhar(Diana), Abhishek Kumar Dubey, Jayant Narain, Kush Patel, Sunil Bharwani, Bheeshma Chawla, Ajit Periwal, Arunesh Punetha, Rishi Seth and many, many more.

Date : Friday, November 30, 2001 at 14:35:37

Name : Raisa

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Comments : Hai Jagannadha Rao or Jagu are you one of the girlish chicks of that paedophile Divakar? You gays are real loyal to him I say. All the best, but many victims may not be as loyal as you.


Date : Tuesday, November 27, 2001 at 16:00:26

Name : Jagannadha Rao

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Comments : Dear Diwaker, Don't worry whatever people tell about you. We know that you love us, you are our hero. We can do anything for you. We, all your Friends, stand by you. Whatever you did with us was for our good. So how many new friends have you made? Are you in touch with all our fiends? I love and miss you. Love, Yours, Jagu.

Date : Saturday, November 24, 2001 at 13:58:21

Name : GSM Prasad

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City : To so-called "Steve".

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Comments :

Dear "Steve", why are you afraid of the truth? In fact there are more visitors at this site after some real gutsy guys started their expose about sb. Please do not bully the owners of the site because of your guilt. Let truth prevail. Aum Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi.

Date : Saturday, November 24, 2001 at 13:49:33

Name : GSM Prasad

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City :

Subject: Diwaker/Steve



It is good to know that one of us had the guts to come clean and expose or rather sexpose this paedophile Diwaker who has ruined my life along with the lives of so many others. We cannot forget what he did to us. This guy is a paedophile that is why. He is staying back at Parthi or Brindavan, so that he can molest fresh chicks and make them gay.

Let the truth come out; people like so-called Steve calling to remove or moderate the postings are part of the Paedophile ring of sb. Most probably they themselves are paedophiles/child molesters and are afraid their names are coming out. Let somebody write about other pedos/molesters like Piyush Kumar Srivastava, Sai Giridhar, Devsen, Narhari, Sunder, Mallikeswaran, and so many more paedophile/molesters and their activities too.

Date : Friday, November 23, 2001 at 14:01:05

Name : SSS

E-Mail : To Diwakar

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Good to know that you are still fucking young chicks as you did us.

I have come to know that you are married and have kids. Do you fuck your sons and daughters like you fucked us? I hope you do. You have ruined so many lives like your sb by impressing and fooling us by acting as a role model. We all got fooled because you were doing door duty.

You are the son of that paedophile devil, SSS.

Date : Thursday, September 27, 2001 at 15:17:40

Name : gsmprasad

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Comments : I am really surprised that people think that all the sai students are simple innocent guys just because we were made to wear white. Even they have feelings. Exchange of notes between students of opposite sex at Prasanthi Nilayam is a very simple matter.There are regular affairs, smoochins and sometimes sex in some form at a convenient location. Is it wrong? This is only natural.

But since all the male students are kept under strict control, these activities are sometimes more as a result of denial. There is a tendency to revolt. Do you know that male students both at P.N. as well as Brindavan (Whitefield) campus regularly go to the nearest city that is Anantapur, Dharmavaram or Bangalore as the case may be, and have regular orgies where xxx videos, booze and sometimes prostitutes apart from all varieties of non-veg, including beef are on the menu? There are regular gang bangs, group sex and all the stuff you can imagine.

Generally all these are mostly done by two types of guys.

They could be the so-called Form Boys who at that point may be under sexual use by sb, or sons of rich or powerful devotees. Both these types are always above the law in the hostels and they mostly get away with anything.

But after all what is wrong? I don't blame it on the students. I also was a student and at least I can understand the shit we were forced to go through.

Initially all students are good, but when they find out that the entire stuff is a sham and sb himself is a molester, they are totally disillusioned and indulge in all sorts of activities as a revenge.

I hope both past and present devotees will understand this.

Date : Saturday, September 22, 2001 at 16:38:27

Name : gsmprasad


City :

Country :

Comments :

I was a sai student in one of the colleges of sai baba for a long time. I have seen the so called list of guys who are said to be molested by sai baba. All of us know now what is the fact.

But I am here to say that in the list there are at least three names of guys who were doing staircase or interview room duty & they were very famous when I was a young student.

These seniors are themselves molesters & have molested me and many of my class mates & fondled us. They told us "swami likes it". Where can I tell their names? I know they used to have so called "chicks" or favourite boys & they use to have sex with us in the hostel. They must have had sex with more than 50 of us boys who were studying in 8, 9 ,10, 11 & 12 th standards.

I and many of my friends still remember talking about it on the d-floor in the night about it at the P.N. hostel & we could do nothing about it.

I think all of us should come out and tell everything so that we feel better about it.

Date : Saturday, September 22, 2001 at 16:36:31

Name : gsmprasad

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Country : To, Mr Arun Kumar Tewari,

Comments :

Dear Mr Arun Kumar Tewari,

I remember you. You were one of our famous bhajan singers; your sweet voice still rings in my ears.

If I am not wrong you are an Officer in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). I also remember that you were caught one night by our seniors red handed, if I may use the term! You were caught in the act of sodomising a poor kitchen helper boy called Narayanswamy in the small room on the B floor, behind the emblem, at SSS Hostel Prasanthi Nilayam.

The matter was reported to the then warden Sri B.Narasimhamurthy as well as Swami. Later you left the institute. Regarding the so called list of molestees, I have no comments as everybody is aware of the facts. But about the inclusion of your name in the list of molestees, I totally agree with you: it should not be without your written permission .

Date : Saturday, September 22, 2001 at 14:14:30

Name : truthnani

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Comments About Bharwanis in list: I know about two of the Bharwani brothers. Sunil Bharwani is married in the famous Hinduja family and is a known broker of the military junta of Indonesia. He is involved in many murky deals. He is also wanted in a case of major FERA violation by the Govt. of India. He is also a famous playboy and many people are aware of his follies in Jakarta. Almost everybody is aware of the failed marriage of Jagdish Bharwani who is based in Bombay.

But regarding their names in the list: no comments, as it is their personal matter.