Yet more independent evidence of the  authenticity of the Hislop letters posted here. Timothy Conway is a respected academic and former leader of the organisation who was actually on the recipient list and holds copies of the letters. He was a follower for 22 years from 1978 - President of the Sathya Sai Baba Center of San Francisco from 1982-4.

Date: 03-21-05

From: Editors

"The story you kindly sent me about the avadhuta in Kerala cannot apply here to Sathya Sai because none of the leaders of the Sathya Sai organization have ever promoted him as an avadhuta (one who is utterly free in spirit, beyond all human conventions), but they certainly do promote him as an avatar, an incarnation of the purest Love, an embodiment of Truth, Ahimsa, and all other exemplary qualities. None of the male youth or their parents are ever told that Sathya Sai is going to go after the lads sexually in private interviews.

A very simple concern that many of us former Sathya Sai devotees have is that there has been no "truth in advertising" in the Sai organization. None of this would have been such a problem if young males and their parents were ever told by Center officers or official Sai literature, "Sathya Sai Baba is an avadhut, a being who behaves in wild and mysterious ways. If you are an attractive young male, it is likely that Baba may ask you to fondle or suck on his male organ, or he may come after your genitals and rub or suck on them. We do not know why he does this, but growing numbers of cases have been reported wherein he does this. Baba himself won't give a reason for this behavior, but we trust there is a higher purpose in it."

"No such warning has been given. Instead, there is much secrecy, lying and pressuring others to keep quiet. I found an old set of correspondences from Jack Hislop to the Board of Directors of the Sai organization in the USA, dating from early 1981, wherein Jack basically calls for a policy of "spin" and coverup to keep a lid on the allegations of terrible sexual impropriety by Baba with a minor, a boy of 15 years old. The mother was told that her deeply traumatized boy was a pathological liar and Jack unconscionably implemented a policy of suppression and refused to pursue an honest investigation into what might really be going on. This has all the features of terribly dysfunctional cult behavior."

It's from Timothy Conway's lengthy and excellent A Letter to SSB Devotee "Selena,"' posted on 6 August 2001 at: