Date: 03-06-07

By: Exbaba Admin

From a former Sai Baba devotee, corresponding to ExBaba from Mexico.

Dr. Dorsey St. Hilaire is a Haitian who speaks at least three languages fluently: French, English and Spanish. He is a tall, handsome, intelligent, well mannered and charismatic man who must be about 50 years old. He is married to a Mexican national by the name of Rosie, an average looking svelte woman, whose most prominent physical features are her dyed blonde hair and excessive makeup. They have a son who now must be about 21 years old. He is quite tall, thin, with light complexion and a fun personality. He is also an intelligent young man who is rather gifted musically and a pretty good singer of bhajans. 

We met Hilú (as he is called) and his family in 1997 in his residence in the town of Chapala, State of Jalisco, Mexico) and were very impressed by their devotion and dedication to Sai Baba. We used to get together with them in Thursday evenings for bhajans - Sometimes (rather rarely) we went for their Sunday bhajans. Eventually we took our whole group over.  They lived in a rather roomy house that had been lent to them (through Sathya Sai's grace, of course) by the wife a Micki Laure, a one time singing star of popular Mexican music who was suffering from terminal cancer. The house consisted of a living-dining room that opened unto a wide hallway with very large pane glass windows and double doors that provided a view of the extensive two level garden which included a swimming pool that was no longer in use and always had stagnant water at the bottom. The area of what once were dressing rooms for the swimmers was in pretty good shape and there was still room for several square meters of grass with some bushes and a couple of small trees plus some small storage rooms. The wide hallway led, as one turned left coming from the living-dining room, to a large kitchen, its storage area and a small patio with a laundry room. As one turned right coming from the living-dining room this hallway, that was about four meters wide, led to a closed double door, on the way to which one would pass, on the right hand side, the entrance to a small area that had three doors, the one in front to a bathroom and the two on the sides to two separate average size bedrooms. Going back to the closed double door at the end of the hallway, this would open to a special kind of "inner sanctum" with a large full length picture of Sai Baba (curiously with the darkest skin I've seen on any picture if him) among several other pictures of Sathya Sai, Shirdi Sai, Hindu deities and a Sacred Heart of Jesus. All these surrounded by offerings and vases of artificial flowers in a way that amounted to extreme gaudiness or kitsch. There was also the proverbial chair and draped over it a home made version of the typical Sathya Sai orange tunic. On the right hand side wall, as one faced the 'altar', there was a door that led to the master bedroom, where Hilú and his wife slept, plus another bathroom. Their bedroom also communicated to a very large room that was kept closed at all times, but had another entrance through the carport in the garden garden). This room was the Micki Laure's 'museum', with lots of photographs, trophies, silver or golden records, etc. 

The first time I was there, we sat in the living room to hear and tell the usual Sai Baba stories and marvels. But Hilú had one of the best I had ever heard. When he was a child in Haiti he was suffering much the same way as Raju, was taken to voodoo doctors, etc. until one day when he and his mother were sent to see this old man who said to Hilú that he was his son and cured him. They never saw this man again. Years later, Hilú recognized the old man in a book as Sai Baba of Shirdi. And he finally found out who had cured him! After that he did further investigating and ended up in Prasanthi Nilayam, much to Sai Baba's delight. From then on there was an avalanche of fascinating stories of how Sathya Sai moved them around several times back and forth from India, to Canada, to Mexico, back to Canada and to Mexico again. (Very hard to remember itinerary and dates). But when we (and now the subject becomes plural due to the fact that I brought several people around to meet them) met them all we knew was that they were living in Lake Chapala for the second time after some interlude in Canada on their return from one of their trips to India and Dr. Saint Hilaire had an office, as a sublet, in a old age home in the center of town. He called his office "Sai Clinic". (S-a-i, he claimed, were the first three letters of his second name (Saint Hilaire) and this entitled him to use it) .

Hilu had written a short play based on Sathya Sai Baba's life, when, shortly after we met, he found out that I had been in theater and asked me if I could stage it. I did some re- writing and we put it on with some of the children and adults of the sath sang for Sai's birthday celebrations in November of 97.  The following year ('98) I wrote a different play about Krishna and Radha based on the Bhagavatha and we did a more elaborate production in the garden of the house, which turned out, if I may say so myself, quite magical. Shortly after, we began  noticing little things we weren't pleased about, but didn't pay much attention and kind of dismissed them. In Feb 99, we moved from the Lake Chapala area to our ranch, about an hour and forty five minutes away. On the 22nd of August of the same year we inaugurated the mediation hall we had built at the ranch. It was Krishna Janmastami and also the birthday of the young man who had played Krishna in our play, who is a member of our commune. Hilú and family, together with several Sai devotees from Lake Chapala chartered a bus and came to the inauguration which was in part celebrated by Hilú and his wife, as they kind of took it for granted that they were called to officiate. Then in November of the same year Hilú, Rosie and their son Ganush went to India for Sai Baba's birthday. Sai Baba had arranged for a certain wealthy couple to pay for their trip as an answer Rosie's prayer. 

That year their celebration of Sathya Sai Baba's birthday was moved up so that they could arrive in India on time. Ganush staged a concert with the help of other talented devotees. By that time we were becoming a little more disenchanted with them. They claimed to be channels for Sathya Sai who gave them everything, told them everything and had given them instructions to turn the borrowed property where they were living into a "Little Prasanthi" with an actual scaled replica of the mandir and all! According to them Sai Baba said there would be thousands coming there eventually! Well, by now we certainly know about Baba and numbers. Sai Baba had told Hilu not to practice medicine anymore, he didn't need too, and he shouldn't worry about money, Sai had told them that they never needed to meditate anymore. Hilu was present at the birth of the woman who is going to be the mother of Prema Sai. 

While they were in India, a Canadian lady by the name of Elsa Malka, who had recently moved from her beautiful house in Ajijic to live with them and help them financially, did a wonderful remodeling job of their kitchen, bought new appliances and redecorated part of the house. All for Baba, of course, because that was Baba's house. 

When Hilú and family returned from India shortly after the New Year (2000) they were holier than ever. Hilu was disappointed that we weren't at their house to receive them with the rest of the sathsang. I told him we would go visit him soon to hear all about the trip. And shortly after Michael, Juan , Margarita and I went there one afternoon and we sat and listened to all they had to say.. There was a particular part in the story that made us forget the rest of the miracles that happened during the trip. It was the one about that night when the three of them were in their quarters in PN. Hilú and his son Ganush were asleep while Rosie was sitting across from them. Next to Rosie hung a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Rosie saw Jesus come from the picture and enter Ganush's body, followed by Baba who entered Hilu's body and finally the Holy Spirit who entered Rosie's body. The next thing they remembered is that they were standing in Baba's bedroom. Baba then told them that they were the Holy Trinity and took them to a very special place which they were not allowed to describe and gave them many instructions. After we were told the story, there was a total silence which I broke by saying that it was 'the most amazing mystical experience I had ever heard of, not even St. Theresa of Avila experienced something like this.'  

We were silent and depressed on the way home until we finally started laughing. That was the last time we saw them. However, Hilu did call us later in the month to invite us over to see the vibhuti that had manifested all over their house. Everywhere! We, of course, had no desire to visit the circus anymore, but we asked a young couple who are part of our commune, but live in Chapala, to be sure to go and take lots of pictures which they did. This couple are Ivan and Girasol who have been in our meditation group since they were adolescents and they now have a 5 year old boy. They spend every weekend at the ranch and this time they brought the photos and explained in great details what they had seen. There were great quantities of vibhuti all over the house. On the bathroom mirror, on the TV, just about everywhere you looked. It was obviously faked but both of them, who are pretty sensitive, felt something very odd in the house. They said they felt a heavyish psychic force. Well, whatever it was, it was not responsible for the vibhuti, as we found out later. 

Shortly after the vibhuti show Elsa, the Canadian lady, moved out enraged. To her they had become nothing but con people who were getting money any way they could. Elsa had spent a lot of money redecorating the house and another Canadian lady, friend of hers, had donated $8,000 dollars for food. But that wasn't all. Towards the end of her stay there, they were treating her very badly and tormenting her with messages from Sai Baba. However when all hell broke loose was when Elsa found, Hilu's open briefcase in the closet of the 'museum' with lots and lots of empty packages of vibhuti. The kind they sell in PN's stores. 

I decided to visit members of the Sathya Sai Organization in Guadalajara, and compared notes with them about this couple. People from the Sai Organisation as well as the National President and one of the chairmen from Latin America, John Benner, who resides in the Dominican Republic, had repeatedly visited the family and had asked them to join the Org. The last time Hilú told them that he 'would ask Baba' – of course, Baba said no. The Org decided they would have nothing to do with Hilú and some of his followers stopped going to the Center. Hilú became synonymous with high treason. John Benner investigated and found out that during their last trip to Prasanthi Nilayam they were literally thrown out of the ashram. We have a copy of the letter he received. Hilú and family were not attending darshan and moreover they were receiving Spanish speaking devotees in their quarters because Hilú was a channel for Sathya Sai Baba. Hilú had already told us during our visit, upon their return from India, that Baba had asked him to help him by interviewing some of the visitors because there were so many of them! Another incident worth mentioning was that Sai Baba had told Hilú, before he left for India, that he should buy yardage of deep orange fabric. Enough to have a pair of pajamas made for himself and take the rest to India for Baba to have a tunic made. Every time Hilú wore the pajamas in Chapala, Baba would wear the tunic from the same fabric in India. 

But there's more: Micki Laure finally died of terminal cancer this year (2202). In as much as the widow tried to have the house turned over to Hilú, the sons and daughters would not hear of it. They started using the nauseum, or rather, museum, and garden for loud parties over the weekend and the Holy Trinity finally had to move out. But 'no problem' they had been receiving Sathya Sai Baba devotees from Majorca, Spain and one lady devotee bought a $200,000 US dollars house for them in the next town over from Chapala which is called San Antonio. The only problem was that this house, which is pretty large, from what I hear, was next to a water treatment plant and stunk to High Heavens, plus they were robbed twice. They have moved in with Ganush who is now married and lives in a small house across the street from the Micki Laure house. (Whatever happened with "Little Prasanthi"?) The last thing I heard was that the lady from Majorca, is still a devotee, is now out of funds and Hilú and his wife have talked about moving to Brazil- 

The following note was published in the Sanathana Sarathi, August 2000: 

"Well-meaning devotees from different countries visiting Chapala, Mexico, close to Guadalajara are advised that Dr. Hilarion Dorce (name is spelt wrong) and members of his family have not been authorised by the Sathya Sai Organisation to collect funds for any Ashram, clinic, hospital or any other activity using the name Sri Sathya Sai Baba. It is strongly advised that devotees limit their charitable contributions to the established trusts and foundations of the Sathya Sai Organization in order to avoid deception and disappointment. 

Leonard Pablo Gutter

Chairman Zone 2

Latin America