Christmas Time. Westerner Time! A Time for a

Terrorist Puttaparthi/Whitefield Strike?




Date: 11-25-02

From: Barry Pittard, Australia.


If I were a fundamentalist ‘Islamic’ terrorist I would be sharply eyeing off Puttaparthi/Whitefield, and would consider a Christmas to be a good time to blow up or otherwise kill foreigners there, especially American, British, German, French, Israeli, Australian, not to mention citizens of any other countries who support the US.

It would be one way to reply to their religious leader's blasphemous assertion that he is fully God incarnate - i.e., Allah.

Since sathya sai baba has a large number of Jewish followers from around the world, it may be instructive (and even save lives) to note the dates of Chanukah for the next five years:

CHANUKAH Eight Days Festival of Lights

Sat 30 Nov Sat 8 Dec

Sat 20 Dec Sat 27 Dec

Wed 8 Dec Wed 15 Dec

Mon 26 Dec Mon 2 Jan

Sat 16 Dec Sat 23 Dec

Lodged deeply in my fundamentalist cultural psyche would be a notion of Islam against Christianity, the Faithful against the infidel Crusaders. Islam against the Jews. And any other Infidel who gives them aid and comfort.

I would especially relish a crack at George W. Bush's fellow Christians and neo-Christians among those misguided enough to visit the supposed Father of Jesus Christ. There would be plenty of US, UK, German, French, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Australian, etc., body bags or bits of DNA to send home to the blasphemers' countries!

Of course, sathya sai baba ashram security is tighter than a drum on peak Hindu occasions, when the President, Prime Minister and other VVIP's go visit him - with all their retinue of top security aides and sheer firepower. However, the considerable deterent of heavily beefed up security arrangements (some of the personnel experienced in years of bloody tussle with terrorists and other criminals of many kinds, in and beyond India) would be much diminished at Christmas time.

The fundamentalist 'Allah' be praised - Christmas time. Westerner time! A time to strike?

In the general time scale of the current Middle Eastern terrorist development, one may wonder whether such forces would yet have had time to be manoeuvred into such a fairly well-secured place as Puttaparthi/Whitefield. However, non-Puttaparthi/Whitefield oriented operations previously planned can be revamped into a new configuration, which prioritorizes for holy destruction this city of blasphemy against Allah and His Prophet (Peace be upon him).

UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and other countries have refused efforts by Expose activists to get Travel Advisories posted, warning of dangers to boys and young men from sathya sai baba. The exception has been the US State Department (Peace be upon them, too), which, however avoided mentioning the serial molester's name. The reason the governments give us is: no court conviction within India of sathya sai baba. That is, they prefer the highly corrupt Indian legal system to the moral safety of the children of their own nation.

However, I invite all devotees and former devotee activists to pressure world governments on the security issue, bringing home to them that the lives of a great many are at risk, if the terrorist target potentials of Puttaparthi are not pre-emptively recognized and counteracted.

Some may tell you that mentioning this potentiality runs the risk, if publicized, of giving ideas to the terrorists. First, however, terrorist planners are typically far better informed and intelligent than this belief achnowledges. Second, it is far better for us to be well-warned, so that the rest of us can be far better informed and intelligent!

I would also invite sathya sai baba devotees to stop mindlessly and forever passing the so-called Mehdi Moud prophecies, claiming that the Prophet Muhammad made many prophecies clearly foretelling sathya sai baba, saying that he was Allah. With twenty-five years as a sai devotee, I knew first-hand that this material gave concern to some leaders and scholarly followers. Yet the sathya sai organization, for all its authoritiarianism, has not properly acted to pull devotees up on this vastly oft-repeated nonsense, full of potential to upset Moslems, whether fundamentalistic or not. For a compelling look at this myth, see the Australian scholar Brian Steel's analysis The "Mehdi Moud" Prophecy Revisited" at:

Note: The Expose has now some exceptionally senior, internationally renowned investigative and security consultants, who are assisting with aspects of the Expose and those interested in such aspects may write to me confidentially. Activists may also like to know what work has already been done with what governments.

Barry Pittard.


This article was followed by a mail betwee a prominent sai devotee leader and Barry Pittard.

Thursday, November 28