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From:  "hariomdas"
Date:  Sat Nov 30, 2002  1:14 pm

Dear All,

Because it relates to a situation where lives may even be saved,
I invite both former devotees and devotees to access News on then click on the entry for Monday, November 25:
Christmas Time. Westerner Time! A Time for a Terrorist Puttaparthi/
Whitefield Strike?
then, having fetched this article, click on the
entry for Thursday, November 28: Letter of a prominent sai devotee
leader to Barry Pittard, and his response

In these pieces, I set out why I think that Puttaparthi or
Whitefield - wherever ssb happens to be around any Christmas time -
is, for a number of reasons, a very vulnerable 'soft' target for an
Islamic extremist terrorist attack. Devotees need to realise that a
great deal of information is suppressed by the Asram Management,
Central Trust, etc. At some stage, the more questioning devotees may
have to seriously question why it is that the terrorist
potentialities of Puttaparthi/Whitefield (especially around Christmas
time) had first to appear on the former devotee side!

Possibly the greatest danger lies in being uniformed, unquestioning
and naive. Does disseminating such information give terrorists ideas.
Like millions who live in India, they cannot be unaware of the huge
traffic of westerners to visit sai baba. It is more likely to be the
potential victims who need to be far better informed about the risks
they run.

Surely, it is time for each of us to write and urge our governments
around the world to investigate and rate the risks in traveling to a
sai baba ashram at this specific time, and consider the posting of a
Travel Advisory, warning of heightened.

It is all too easy to imagine, for example, American devotees (even
though vast numbers of Americans, since September 11, do not now
travel abroad), thinking "Why fear when he is here," and risking
their lives foolishly and unnecessarily.

I trust that both current and former devotees will ensure that these
submissions are as widely distributed as possible. One line of
distribution open is represented by the many friends and family of
former devotees. Information as important as this, with thoughtful
distribution, should spread very widely. It has already gone to
various ssb leaders. I shall seek the permission of the one who wrote
to me to allow his name to be published on the website
and other appearances of this exchange of views.

I have also sent some documentation to a number of governments (and
their terrorism experts) who are deeply implicated in the so-
called 'war against terrorism,' and whose citizens visit ssb around
this time, including the USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Israel,
etc. (You will note that Chanukah, the Jewish Festival of Lights
comes right at this time too, and I can recall it being celebrated as
long ago as 1977, as well when I last visited Puttaparthi in 1997-
1998, and Jewish devotees from around the world visit his ashram at
this time).

Love to all on both sides of the Great Divide,

Barry Pittard

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