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From:  marswalker108
Date:  Thu Oct 31, 2002  8:51 pm
Subject:  Why Isn't SSB a Role Model for Young People

I am retired from teaching young people aged twelve to nineteen
years in America. Today, when I hear what teenagers talk about to
each other--the rap music they listen to--the TV and movies they see-
-the seductive clothes they wear even to school--it is apparent that
their parents have given up in their endeavor to influence them. It
seems young people have given up everything that is noble.

Sixty-one percent of parents rate their generation as "fair"
or "poor" at raising children according to a nationwide survey
conducted by Public Agenda, a nonpartisan think tank. In this
survey, 83 percent of parents said it was "absolutely essential" to
teach self-control and self-discipline, but only 34 percent said
they have succeeded in teaching those values. Ninety-one percent
said it essential to teach honesty, but only 55 percent said they
have succeeded in doing so.

Part of the problem are the role models for teenagers. One can
wonder who in the mass media can young people look up to who is not
trash. Can we honestly look at anyone who is well known and who we
can point to and say "be like that."

This is only one of many examples of incresing evil in the world.
Again, the big question is: if SSB is a purna avatar, why has he not
been the catalyst for positive change in the world? Isn't it pass
time we ask this crucial question. Today in almost every nation we
see--wars or conflicts, famine, plagues, economic crises,
catastrophic dissasters, and religious and civil strife.

When we examine the many promises given throughout the years by
Sathya Sai Baba regarding his effect on positive change on this
planet--we can only conclude there are obvious contradictions in his
many statements. Isn't it pass time we realize SSB is not who he
claims to be. Is he not a fraud avatar who has deceived us all!?

Best wishes, Dennis J Hanisch

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821 Re: Why Isn't SSB a Role Model for Young People --- --- bestatgames123 Sat  11/2/2002   5 KB

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