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From:  marswalker108
Date:  Wed Nov 20, 2002  7:17 pm
Subject:  SSB and Mankind's Advance in Technology

To All Devotees:

The sorry state of affairs in the world today is partially due to
this fact: mankind's spiritual evolution has not kept pace with his
advances in technology. Specifically, man's moral and ethical
standards are not in harmony with his rapid advances in science.

The number of people in the world who feel a deep sense of insecurity
about their lives seems to be increasing. This is due to the
overwhelming world problems nations and peoples face today. Mankind's
misuse of technology certainly is related to these fears.

In fact, I have recently heard prominent authors on talk shows
emphasizing this very theme. For example, Neale Donald Walsch (New
Your Times best selling author of "Conversations with God") reveals
in his new book, "The New Revelation: A Conversation With God," the
following dialogue (Atrium Books, 2002, p13):

"......It feels as though, now, time is of the essence. We have
reached a crossroad here.

Yes. You are facing now a new and startling danger--a danger posed to
your entire species. A threat to your very survival posed by the
combination of a split in ideology and an advance in technology which
makes it possible for you to seek to resolve your differences with
tools of human destruction unlike anything you may have heretofore
dreamed of in your worst nightmare."

(I want to divulge here and state the fact I disagree with some of
Walsch's ideas promoted in his books.)

Sri Daya Mata, President of SRF and a direct disciple of Paramahansa
Yogananda, has stated, I believe, noteworthy comments regarding
spiritual evolution and technology on the Web site: An extract follows:

".....If man's moral and spiritual evolution does not keep pace with
the upward progress of knowledge and technology, he misuses the power
he has acquired, to his own destruction. Indeed, this is the nature of
the world crisis we are facing today.

Man's consciousness has evolved enough for him to unlock the mystery
and marvelous power of the atom, a power that may one day perform
tremendous things that we cannot even dream about now. But what have
we done with that knowledge? The primary concentration has been on
the development of instruments of destruction. Modern technology has
also given us freedom from any of the time consuming tasks that were
once necessary for physical survival. Often, however, the leisure
time man has gained is not used to advance his mental and spiritual
natures, but to engage in an endless pursuit of material and sensual

The world is in trouble. Bigger trouble it has ever been in before.
We are being confronted by events and conditions that we cannot
ignore. We know, however, that now is not the time for despair but
for true positive change for good. The big question is: why isn't SSB
leading mankind out of his troubles and to repair the damage man has
done? Why hasn't SSB inspired and led man to positive change and
transformation during this critical time of technological advances?
It is nearly his 77th birthday! The redundant fact is that SSB claims
to be Krishna, Rama, the Father who sent Jesus Christ on earth, the
Lord of All Lords, and the Ultimate Absolute.

It is pass time to expose who SSB really is: a fraud avatar who has
deceived millions of sincere seekers of truth and goodness.

Best wishes, Dennis J Hanisch

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