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Date:  Mon Sep 30, 2002  4:30 pm
Subject:  Fwd: Sai Baba and his kid


--- "RAHUL KELKAR" wrote: Hari om sai. Dear loved ones, this is a story of a small kid who was left alone. He had all but had nothing in actual. He faced all problems no one could know him understand him. He never asked anything but was calm and cool. Wherehe went what ever he did was all for his lord. As he learnt one thing if i do mistakes and i go the wrong way may be i am placed alone, his lord helped in one or the other way. He had not seen his lord but had faith in his moms words. This kid once got angry on all and left the house. He was just a kid. He had heard only one name "baba" Baba means father. He never knew where his baba his lord lived. He was passing by came to a river. He saw a snake in front he never knew thats dangerous. But he had one thing faith in his baba his lord. He was curious to know that thing which was knew for him. He wa about to touch that thing and a passer and traveller came there picked up the snake and sent it away. the kid said i want to touch it. The stranger said dear child that could have been dangerous for u. he said how can that be my baba is every where then how can that be dangerous. The stranger laughed he said oke and went away. The child moved ahead in jungle which he never knew. The clouds cameby. he was still walking in search for his baba. he never ate anything. He came under tree and sat there. And was going to sleep and a lap was ready for him. He woke up. He saw a lady who was sitting for him. she asked who are where r u from where r u going where are ur rest people you parents. the kid did not answer. he said "I have no one". She said then where r u going. he said to search my baba my mom use to say baba is here somewhere. She said how does he look. He said i have not seen him. she said then how can usee and find him. he said my mom says he is always with you and is every where. she said then why are u here in jungle. he said I dont know. My feet took me here. She said you dont know where to go how to go. She said sleep here eat these fruits, go in the morning. Then this lady left him in the morning said go this way. The child then met with a wolf and the wolf roared. this kid was not afraid. he moved forward. and suddenly the wolf saw something behind him and ran away. he saw a old man walking behind him. he stopped said "baba you look tired " why are u walking alone. the oldman laughed said I came here to search my child who has come for me. He said did u get the child. Baba replied yes i got him. I met him 2 times but seeing the kid i could not stop coming behind him. The kid said okie baba i am leaving i have to go now. Baba said i will also come with u and search my kid and if you meet him tell him that i met you. Kid said okie. the kid caught baba hand and walked in the jungle. the animals came and passed by no one came near them. The kid walked and walked. Then kid felt thirsty. He had the real thirst but no water around. He stopped. Baba said kid i am thirsty can you get me some water. the kid said yes baba but i dont know where and how i myself have to search.Baba laughed said its oke get it from your mother then. he said she is far away. Baba said we call the sand as mother my parents use tosay the same. she will give you 100%. The child was himself thirsty. but for this old man started to search, he walked five minutes and a pond was about 1/2 mile away. Baba saw his first few steps. The child came across and person who was sitting under a tree. he was filling up his bottle of water. the child said where can i get water the person said, it is about 1/2 mile away. he said i am thirsty and baba too hence i would go there. He started of and the person said take this bottle with you it little but that will quencth thirst of one. The child said it will take a 1 hour for me to go and come and babawould be thirsty hence he took the bottle and came. and said babatake this. Baba said you drink it. One passer by gave me water. he said is it. He said i cant see any one around. How did he look baba told him the description. he said the one who gave me the same gave you the same.the the kid drank it.The child walked and walked with this baba. he said baba how do you kid look like. baba said i have not seen him. He said how can u then search him. Baba said the same way you are searching your baba. The child realised the minute he heard this The feeling proped up "Jaisa bhava vaisa anubhava " means the way you look at and feel the same way you see and get" he was seeing his own image in front only he is kid and this is old. They both walked and walked had nice time. Then Baba said dear child my child i have to leave now. you way is this and i have to go that way. The kid said why ?Baba said bcoz my destination is there and i got my kid. The kid said but how can you leave. Baba said why not. He said i got my baba too. then how can kid and baba go differnt way. He said where is your baba. The child said its within you. Baba said how did you realised that i am your baba. The kid said the one who saved me from snake was you, the one who gave me fruits was you, the one who walked with me was you, the one gave me water was you. You did not take anything from me, nor did i gave anything to you. You being old you still came for me. I never called you and still you came. This has to be my baba whom i am searching. Baba laughed merrily and embrassed him to his heart. Said where ever you go where ever you are i am always behind you. Walk the same way you walked today no dare these animals ever harm you. See all in me. the kidsaid baba i want to play with you today. Baba said ya come on. He saton baba shoulder and made baba his horse. baba and his kid playing inthe jungle. Baba become a kid for his kid. And the kid stayed with his baba forever. Lets at least walk the way this kid walked and then you can 100% see your sai baba the way he was to this kid.This jungle is nothing but todays life where we come across snakes and wolfs around. this brings in the fear of insecurity. but lets walk on the foot steps of this kid. Baba is with all of us in this todays life and he is ready to playthe same way he played with the kid. He is ready to be with us but now we have to call him to play Hence where ever your BABA is with you always forever, he is ever behind you in all odds. You will sail through the same way the child sat on baba and played and went the way in the jungle safely This sittingon shoulder is nothing but his chanting of his name. let our minds sit on baba and and move the way baba takes us away. Troubles wont come in life and if they do we sit on baba shoulder then why worry. hence it might me anytime dont forget your sai baba and his name. Namasmaran is the one which will take us safely and happily Hence his rememberance is the play which the kid did.Lets all do it the same way Age allah Malik This a story which my baba taught me which i am passing to u all. Luv Bhiayaa Hari om sai
--- End forwarded message ---

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