Reflection, Reaction and Resound - Sai Baba's solipsistic and self-protecting doctrine - that he is a 'Cosmic Mirror'

Sathya Sai Baba claimed he was a 'cosmic mirror' that reflected back everything in each person's mind, so they could not understand him, only know the reflection of their own thoughts about him. This has been described as the cultist guru's 'mirror trap' SSB often 'taught' that the mind creates reality, as if reality did not ever impinge itself on the mind. This is a primitive form of solipsism which simply does not work as philosophy or in the practice of life... it is simply impossible. He repeatedly tried to explain what he meant, such as:-

"God is not involved in either rewards or punishments. He only reflects, resounds and re-acts!" and frequently pointed out that no devotee could understand him (since he says he is God, the Creator of the Universe etc.) because they see only themselves in him, that he is a 'cosmic mirror'. He said: "Everything is reaction, reflection and resound of one’s own inner being. Every word we utter is the resound of the inner being. Reflection is that which is contemplated upon, experienced and put into practice. The third aspect, reaction is however, very important. Reaction comes out of action." (see

"The reaction, reflection and resound are based on your own thoughts, words and actions; God is not responsible for them. If you stand before a mirror, you will see your own reflection. In whatever way you speak to others, you will have the resound in the same way. Whatever thoughts you have in your mind, they will be reflected back to you. It is therefore essential for man to know whether his thoughts and actions are good or bad. Whatever good or bad you experience is the result of your thoughts, words and actions." (see his discourse 2006

To believe that everything anyone can observe about Sai Baba is simply the reflection of your own thoughts and in no way a true perception of him or his acts is not only patently absurd, but is a crafty smokescreen to convince people that in HIS case (pretending to be THE Creator God whom all prayers reach, whatever the address), you cannot see through or round the mirror of your own mind at all, but only see in him what is in yourself. How can anyone possibly believe this who is not deluding themselves because they are determined to believe what they want to believe, regardless of facts or the truth (i.e not some impossible, unknown, inexplicable, imagined eternal truth beyond all human grasp!).

An anonymous mailer 'projection analyst' was sent the following reply:-

"The organisers of the International Petition received some spam mail from a self-declared 'Sai devotee' hiding behind the rather pretentious alias 'Projection analyst'. He deactivated his e-mail account immediately, so he must be back in the self-contained "monad without windows" to the outside world - where he evidently must conclude he is all the time anyhow. What he expressed really gives only reason to pity him. He wrote:-

"Albert Einstein and quantum physics illustrate the principle that we can only see what we are. Petition signers are indicting themselves... Baba is the cosmic mirror who reveals to each his or her own face. Poster knows many gay devotees whose polarities were gradually changed by Baba... most married. I began a lifetime of celibacy"

Here is a reply for him and those who people the 'external world' to read:- Dear 'projection analyst', You wrote about SB as a 'cosmic mirror the cosmic mirror who reveals to each his or her own face." Albert Einstein and quantum physics illustrate the principle that we can only see what we are." However, you proceed to draw a conclusion from this about others. That is untenable, however you look at it. You are, by your own major premise, excluding that you can know anything about anyone else! I would have thought you could also have analysed you own views as projections, then? Are you not, by your hypothesis, equally projecting all your ideas and imagined qualities onto Sai Baba? In your declared and lonely solipsism you must be aware that it means you cannot communicate anything to anyone else, for they are all figments. In fact, Einstein's relativity is in basic conflict with quantum physics and, actually, neither lend themselves to the assumption you have fallaciously drawn from them."

from a person who is not a figment of your projection, but a former lecturer in philosophy of science, University of Oslo. Date: 05-27-02