A Major schizm persists between the devotees of the former Sathya Sai Baba and the Muddenahalli cult of the 'subtle body'

Several years after the death and burial of Sathya Sai Baba, the sense of loss of having one's god-guru to visit, see and hear, with the many longings and hopes for those who went to his ashrams to try to get blessings and miraculous boons etc., the tension appear to have become so great that many former followers have looked to anything that might alleviate their sense of loss and disorientation. That he predicted he would live at least until his 90s , but died before reaching 85 years, was a shock to all those who put faith in his every word, however often he contradicted himself or failed to follow up on promises. Followers continued to tell that they had contact with his allegdly immortal person in dreams, visions and through leelas. It was always thus.. subjective experiences were attributed to his direct paranormal influence and all other explanations were rejected out of hand due to the utter importance he placed on having faith in himself. There were several who claimed to be Prema Sai, but none of these really caught on (it was all much too far away from what SB had predicted).

Isaac Tigrett, the mad Hard Rock Cafe millionaire who donated a hospital to Sai Baba and who claimed to have alone shared in Sai Baba's 'Living Testament' for the world, conducted a get together at Kodaikanal ashram where those present claimed that Sai Baba visited in his subtle but invisible (and dumbstrck) 'light or subtle body'. A more ridiculous charade has seldom been put together and publicised even within the Sai Baba movement (which is saying quite something). Soon, a former Sai Baba 'boy' came forth giving discourses that seemed like Sai Baba's and he gradually got to be acclaimed as the channel through which the dead guru was communicatiing. This appealed to so many desperate heart.broken devotees that an entire ‘new chapter’ of of Sai Baba movement arose at Muddenahalli – soon to be at war with Prashanthi and the Sai Baba legacy there. This former student and consort of Sai Baba– Madhu Sudan - supported by the former warden of Brindavan College, one Narasimha Murthy - was gradually raised to the status of 'Swami' and was even referred to as Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The organisation around him built up on the basis of the former school and temple at Muddenahalli and quickly became an exercise in amassing riches, ostensibly for social and educational service projects. Already in 2016, several 'world tours' were undertaken by the 'oracle boy' and his entourage, and though the numbers who attended meetings were negligible, huge amounts have been procured from rich followers' fortunes. Though visible results have come about in the shape of hospitals, there are many signs and sufficient evidence that funds are being misused, diverted and embezzled on the model now so prevalent in India with its countless ‘godmen’, ‘Divine Mothers’ and other 'religious' frauds.

This spiritual marketplace model owes much to the Sathya Sai Baba cult. The religious hysteria of Pollyanna positivity, fine words was largely a facade for recruiting people, behind which was a strictly secret and massive underside of corruption, fraud, bribery, untruth, sexual abuses, murders, public propaganda and clever cynical manipulation of trusting people. Such guru cults create cognitive-emotional delusions in persons through long indoctrination and the clandestine organisation of appearances. This relies on the mind’s facility to build castles in the air through life, inventing insubstantial and mystical worlds within worlds and anything it dreams or conjectures until it departs from the promptings of reality and retreats gradually further into confused narcissistic echo chambers! Aspirants come to eschew and even hate the actual world in the interest of impossible ideals they impose on it and hold up for their own salvation in what is, at best, an uncertain fate after death.

Opposition to this new cult - by the trusty faithful to the deceased Sai Baba and his 'teachings' - was soon vehement, and led to the courts and beyond.

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