Sathya Sai Baba had always pledged that he would solve India’s problems before ever would go abroad. This was emphasized after his only overseas visit, to Africa (Krenya and Uganda) when he visited his devotee, Idi Amin and family in Kampala. Thereafter he never set foot outside India.

Despite that proclamaion, it is widely recorded how he assured leading devotees on several occasions that he would visit them in their countries – for example USA, Italy, U.K., Southern California and other places – but then he changed his ‘all-knowing mind’, saying that India must be cured first!

In an email from a foremost Sai Baba critic, the late Glen Meloy (11 Jan 2004), to a researcher at BBC 2′s This World television documentary team and to Barry Pittard, Meloy wrote:-

"The whole Southern California contingent was on “red alert” many times over the alleged visit by SSB to the USA. All of this stemmed from a well publicized promise he had made to Elsie Cowan and the Southern California devotees that he would come and stay at her home and be available for the Tustin Book Center volunteers and selected members from the Southern California Centers. Dr. Sandweiss remodeled his house as did many others. They even created special bathrooms designed just for SSB. Elsie was still hoping for a visit after she donated the land and building for the existing Tustin Book Center on 1sr street in Tustin, California. It had a special bath that was reserved only for SSB.

When the first rumor was thought to be realized in 1974-1975, Elsie asked me to contact the Annenbergs in Rancho Mirage , California to see if we could reserve their estate for a private meeting place that would accommodate at least 150 specially selected devotees. Annenberg was the founder of TV GUIDE and had a huge private guarded castle like estate in the desert and entertained Prince Charles, Ronald Reagan and the like.

Indulah Shaw, Dr. Bhagavatham, and Dr. Gokak visited the USA as advance people for the trip, but it never came about." (source:

Devotees abroad continued to build mansions to house him such as a million dollar luxury place in Ojai, California It was reported: "We know that the wealthy Robert M. Baskin, a key lawyer to the Sathya Sai Organization, has bought a luxury mansion in southern California, equipping it to receive a visit from Sai Baba."

Similarly, anew, lush, balconied apartment exclusively for Sathya Sai Baba at Divignano near Milan in Italy (‘Mother Sai House’ of lawyer Pietro Marena). There the European style toilet of which he as shown photos was not to his liking – i.e. it had to be changed! In 1991 I saw this convenience – a squatting hole-in-the-floor type – set in a luxurious teak-floor! (See photo of Mother Sai House here).

Mother Sai House, Divignano

Sai Baba continued to promise to visit various VIP devotees abroad and announced the same, for example, He stated in 2005 that he was “minded to take a world tour” and “In his February 16, 2007 so-called ‘divine discourse’, Sai Baba said, “I intend to undertake a world tour, shortly.”

Sai Baba’s had reason to fear subpoenas and a lawsuit if he went abroad after 2000. It is well documented (see here) how Sathya Sai Baba had complete protection from investigations or litigation by the Narasimhan Rao and sucessive governments, as well as the Indian judiciary at least since the CBI investigation was quashed in 2002 before it could present its findings concerning the heinous police murders under his now at his ashram in June 1993.

In a case at the Superior Court, County of Orange, California by Alaya Rahm against Sai Baba and the Sathya Sai Society of America, the Judge (John M. Watson) ruled that Sathya Sai Baba could not be indicted from California as it did not have reciprocal jurisdiction rights against an out-of-country defendant since the defendant was not subject to the powers of the Hague Treaty. Had Sai Baba visited the USA then or thereafter he would have been in jeopardy of subpoenas and lawsuits, against which the Indian government would most likely not have been able to protect him. A number of his outspoken and very credible sex abuse victims were US citizens, so he did not risk visiting, and much the same applied to other countries outside India.

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