Prema Sal Baba, 2030-2116 AB.
A living chronological account of the history of Sathya Sai Baba's life on Planet Earth, the
second of the triple incarnations of the Sai Baba Avatar and the promised Golden Age. World
History after 1900, or World History before 1900. Choose and 81 Listen to God's singing.

2022 Age 96, Lord Sai Baba leaves this body and enters into mahuamadhl.
2023 Swami Nalin, a reincarnated soul of Swami Vivekananda heads the Sathya Sai Organisation in the absence of Lord Sai Baba. Call him "Assistant Sai Baba".
2030 Assuming 8 years later, birth of Prema Sai in Mysore region. A reincarnated Prof. Kasturi (already borne in Mysore) is the Mother of Sai.
2044 Assuming age 14, Prema Sai announces his arrival, like in 1940; resumes His role as Lord of the World and continues His Divine Mission on planet Earth. Welcome to the Love Era, The goldest Golden Age.
2051 Assuming at age 21, Prema Sai gets married to a beautiful girl. l-lmm hmm, many old lady devotee in the ashram now are vying for the role equivalent to Sita.
2053 Assuming age of 23, Goddess Mother will bear a son. It is common knowledge that Prema Sai will be a father to one boy. And nobody is vying for this 'small' role.
2053-2126 is a 73 years of golden timesllll
2126 Death of Prema Sai assuming His body lived for 96 years
After 2126 the end at the Triple Incarnation, but ie it the end of the Golden Age?

Book references: Srl Sathya Sai Saba and the Future of Mankind by SP Ruhela.    Is Sai Baba God? by MR Kundra.   Sai Baba and Nara Narayana Gufa Ashram by Swami Maheshwaranand.    God Lives in India by RK Karanjla.    Sai Baba of Shirdi, a unique Saint by w Kamath a VB Kher.    Vivekananda His Gospel of Man-making by Swami Jyotimayananda

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The official 'story', of course, calls for much adjusting since the premature death of Sathya Sai Baba in 2011!

None of the various conflicting predictions Sathya Sai Baba made as to his lifespan (from 92 to 96 years of age) held up. This failure threw into complete disarray all the predictions he made as to his return in the new incarnation, Prema Sai Baba. Not surprising to those who know the manipulations of fact and false propaganda spread by Sai Baba, his organization and various institutions through the decades, the disappointed officials made specious claims that Sai Baba DID live to be 96 if one reckons in terms of lunar years. However, none of the calculations based on lunar months (as opposed to calendar months) agreed with any of the various dates he had predicted. Nor does the lunar theory fit with what he clearly stated in 1960 "I will be in this mortal form for 59 years" and in 1961 "I shall be in this body for 58 years more". (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. I -  p 198 & Vol 2 - p. 92).

It has variously been stated that the rebirth will take place either immediately, one year later or else eight years after Sathya Sai Baba would  'leave the body'. On the Richard Bock film, Aura of Divinity, made in the 1970s, the commentator asserts that Sathya Sai Baba has said that he will be reborn as Prema Sai eight years after his leaving the Sathya Sai body. Since the entire international dating system is claimed by Sai authorities and traditional shastris not to apply to Sai Baba, it's anyone's guess when this is supposed to occur.

Yet more awkward, Sathya Sai Baba clearly stated that he would be reborn in Doddamalur, 20 kms. due North Mandya District of Karnataka, as reported in most pro-Sai sources. In a lecture for foreigners in January 1985 at Prashanthi Nilayam which I attended Sai Baba's biographer N. Kasturi told us that, while driving with him past a small village called Chandrapatna in Karnataka State (some 38 kms South West of Bangalore), Sai Baba said to him that he would ”take rebirth” there and that Kasturi would be his mother! This was also published somewhere by Kasturi and elsewhere (see the Times of India excerpt below).  Further:-

Here are the news outlets which confirm some conflicting reports:-

The Second Coming of Christ, no less!

The appearance of Prema Sai above was shown, according to Sai Baba, on a ring he allegedly 'materialized' for his chief U.S. devotee, Dr. John Hislop. Probably because the face looks something like common representations of Christ, zealots have written that Prema Sai Baba will be 'the second coming' of Christ. For example:-

"Sai Baba speaks of a trinity of Sais. He would live to be 96 years, until 2022; eight years after his death (in 2030) the third Sai, Prema Sai will be born in a village in Mandya district of Karnataka. The three Sai’s will embrace the three major religions of the world — the Shirdi Baba Islam; Satya Sai Baba Hinduism and Prema Sai Christianity. It will be the second coming of Christ."  from book review in The Tribune, Chandigarth, October 4, 1999. 'About the other Sai Baba' by P. D. Shastri

Confusingly enough, writers had previously reported Sai Baba repeatedly said the future birthplace of Prema Sai would be Gunapalli (or Gunaparthi) on the banks of the River Cauvery in Mandya District. Shakuntula Balu stated this in the book 'Living Divinity' (Sai Towers Publishing, 1981)

To try to remove doubt, Sai promoters now claim that Doddamalur will be renamed Gunaparthi (or Gunapalli?) after the birth. But Gunaparthy already exists, apparently, according to an MSN report  Such is the nature of rationalization in denial!

Yet again it is a "take your pick" and believe what you will. Every such published speculation or rumour convinces many of those who still believe in Sai Baba. All quite typical of Sathya Sai Baba's shifting fantasies to feed the rumour mill that made him what he was!

There are, moreover, persons who claim to be Prema Sai already, and one can bet ones bottom dollar on there being many other claimants as the years roll by! Avatars and saints literally abound in India, virtually all originally self-announced, it is one way out of India's constant crushing poverty, with the prospect of a great fortune and all the worldly benefits it brings with it to a community that can boast a true avatar. Sathya Sai Baba demonstrated this for all his many copyists. All quite typical of Sathya Sai Baba's shifting fantasies to feed the rumour mill that made him what he was!

A sociological researcher wrote: "A further way in which Sai Baba has met a potential challenge to his authority is to thwart any discussion about his successor. In 1963 he announced that he was the second incarnation in a series of three. The first had occurred in the human form of the Shirdi Sai Baba who was the incarnation of Sakthi. The second, himself, was the incarnation of Siva-Sakthi; and the third would be the incarnation of Siva as someone called Prema Sai to be born in Mysore State eight years after his own death. By defusing the problem of succession, he also defused the problem of authority. All authority remains firmly in his hands as long as he lives. Anyone else who claims this authority in Sai Baba’s lifetime will be recognized as a usurper or imposter.”
(Charismatic Authority in the Sathya Sai Baba movement” 1987, Tavistock Publications, pp.119-133).


Prema Sai will be born in Doddamalur

M B Marauikal & K R Rajcndra Kuniar Apr 28, 2011

DODDAMALUR (Mandya): Will the reincarnation be reality or not? Whatever happens, the tiny village of Doddamalur, off the Bangalore-Mysore highway, will definitely be in the news in the coming years, with scores ofrstories doing the rounds here over the reincarnation of Sathya Sai Baba as Prema Sai.

What has lent credence to claims of people of the Vaishnava sect temples of Aprameya (Vishnu) and Ambegalu Krishna (toddler Krishna) is based on a book ‘ Sri Sathya Sai Anandasai' authored by one Swami, an ardent devotee of Sai Baba. In that, he claims that the godman, during his visit to Doddamalur, had told him that Sai Baba had three avatars in kalyug, and of them, he is the second avatar (reincarnation) of Shirdi Sai Baba. The third will be Prema Sai and he will be born in this village. He also claims that Baba, during his visit in the 6os, showed a small house where he will be born.

However, confusion prevails among people who are making claims of Baba's reincarnation in the village. Accong to Ramadas, who runs a Krishna charitable trust, Prema Sai will be born in this village after 2023, as predicted by Sathya Sai Baba. Ramadas said Baba had predicted that his personal assistant, Narayan Kasturi, who died long ago, will reincarnate himself as a woman in a village near Bhadravathi, marry a person from this village and give birth to Prema Sai. "Today you are my assistant, in the next life you will be my mother," Sai Baba is supposed to have said.

Doddamalur, located on the banks of the river Kanva, will be called Gunaparthy after the reincarnation, said Raghav, an aged villager, disclosing that the soil and water of the village
have curative powers. The village will be called Gun (cure) parthy (place) in the years to come.
Times of India on Doddamalur

msn NEWS Tue, 05 Apr 20111By R Shankarilndla Syndicate

Will Baba perform another miracle?
While Godman Sathya Sai Baba is reported to be critical in the hospital built by him at Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh, a large section of devotees believe that Baba will pull through by defying science. So, is there going to be one more miracle from the Godman?

Yes, say his devotees who believe that Baba will pass away only after he crosses his 96th birthday. That is 10 years from now. Says Premachandran, an ardent devotee: "Baba has predicted that he will leave his body after completing 96 years on earth. After that he will be reborn in a village called Gunaparthy in Mandya district of Karnataka" Some devotees say that Baba has already identified his would-be parents. Following this prediction, few devotees have bought plots in Gunaparthy, hoping and waiting for the incarnation of Sai Baba. Unlike the present Sai Baba, Prema Sai Baba will be a married man and also have a son. His glory, according to predictions, will spread from 2040 onwards "and will make human beings experience the divinity in them“. Prema Sai Baba will college at Brindavan Campus in Whitefield, Bangalore.

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